What Is OnlyFans (FANNED)? Complete Guide Review About OnlyFans.

What Is OnlyFans (FANNED)?

They feel that the current culture often exploits young women and men, rather than providing them with the benefits that they were seeking, entering that culture. OnlyFans BSC ($FANNED), a Binance smart chain token, is a parody project of the popular adult entertainment website OnlyFans. The token was created out of protest to the current modern culture of women selling their bodies for easy money on the internet and men buying into this system and supporting it.

Most performers in the porn industry and on OnlyFans make next to nothing and are left with a tarnished reputation with their entire bodies displayed for meagre sums of money. OnlyFans also feel that men paying into this system further propagates these dysfunctions. To sum it up briefly: they are the Anti-Simp token standing for the rights of workers in the adult industry.

OnlyFans goal is to spread awareness of these issues using memes, promoting healthy discussion, and creating a sense of community. Instead of objectifying women and men, they use actual fans. They insert fans into adult scenes and pictures to show just how ridiculous it all is. Even at this incredibly early stage, hundreds of memes have been created by the team and investors alike and we won’t stop until your message reaches the far corners of the internet.

OnlyFans Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameOnlyFans
Short NameFANNED
Circulating Supply1.00B FANNED
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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How To Buy

Simply visit or and download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the DeFI market. Proceed registering new account and remember to never share your seed/recovery phrase. Only FansBsc holders are rewarded with BUSD. In contrast to others, they receive the BUSD token back instead of OnlyFansBsc.

Extremely active community that loves Your mission. Your telegram channel is filled with community members 24/7 that would love to help you. Do not trust random messages of people claiming to be “support” or ever give out your wallet info to anyone.


Based on the overall trading volume, the smart contract makes sales and distributes the resulting BUSD to all token holders, proportionate to the quantity of $FANNED that they are holding. Reflection rewards come in the form of the BUSD token, the Binance US Dollar which acts as a tether to the US Dollar. This means that you receive cash directly to your wallet.

You can be confident that holding $FANNED alone will result in stable BUSD income, with most of the early holders having made their initial buy in back in excess from reflections alone. This rewards holders of the token with every transaction being made.


The rest of the liquidity has been generated through a continuous burn mechanism implemented in the token contract, causing a deflationary effect after each transaction. The project initially raised 4 BNB for the liquidity pool at launch through a pre-sale at the price of 10,000,000 FANNED for 0.2 BNB; this was the maximum buy limit per person.

The ownership of the contract has been renounced and $FANNED is now led and run by the community. With the liquidity burnt, and a maximum wallet size, there is no chance the “rug” will be pulled from under you when investing in $FANNED. OnlyFans learned from other previous tokens that having a healthy pool of liquidity is important to survive large sell offs and prevent major swings in the overall price.

As of December 7th, your liquidity is extremely healthy compared to other tokens even double the market cap of ours. As we continue to grow, the 7% tax feeding into this pool, which cannot be accessed by anyone, will help establish a cushion to prevent crashes, and instil further trust in $FANNED.

Transparency in Marketing Wallet

They intend to be completely transparent, and all spending from this wallet is tracked and listed publicly. Although 1% does not seem like a lot, as your volume and market cap increase, this will become a hefty marketing sum that they can spend to help spread your message. When your coin grows and major marketing spending would be less crucial, they intend to turn this wallet into a charity fund for victims of sex trafficking.