What Is OneArt (1ART)?

What Is OneArt (1ART)? Complete Guide Review About OneArt.

What Is OneArt (1ART)?

Therefore, the Tokens should not be identified or construed as a security or financial instrument of any kind and potential purchasers should only purchase Tokens for its utility and in such quantities as will actually be used by such purchaser in the foreseeable future. Information in this document (“Information”) is provided by BVoucher Sales Pte Limited (Company Registration No. 202040027D) t/a Boson Protocol (“BVoucher”).

Information has been provided on an indicative basis and shall not be considered binding, exhaustive or final in any way. OneArt makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of such Information and reserves the right to amend, modify or supplement any of the parameters stated with no prior notice.

OneArt Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameOneArt
Short Name1ART
Circulating Supply98,858,469.96 1ART
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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The global mission of One Art is to build a scalable and easy-to-use NFT & Metaverse infrastructure to let industries utilize the full potential of advanced NFT technologies. The goal is to become a global leader pursuing Mass Adoption through the OneArt Ecosystem Products. The Tokens are cryptographic utility tokens usable on the Ethereum blockchain and allowing, in the long term, to access the functionalities of the Protocol which includes, inter alia, purchasing transaction coordination services, and eventually using the Tokens to purchase consumer product preference data from the Web3 data marketplace.

OneArt Wallet

OneArt Wallet is a cross-platform wallet for storing, managing, and discovering NFTs in all supported marketplaces and blockchains. The author of the idea is like a kid who is just beginning to walk, he stumbles and falls, gets up and goes against. A tell him to keep his eyes on the ground, be persistent, focus on the goal, draw the right conclusions from the falls, that in life one needs to take responsibility for themselves and that it’s no one’s fault when you fall, but your own. They direct him with advice so that he successfully reaches the goal. And when he’s able to walk by himself, they watch and admire his success.

Web3 Wallet

OneArt Web3 Wallet is a crypto wallet & gateway to the marketplaces and dApps with the esential focus on NFT related industries. In the case of regulated securities, investors own a small slice of a company. App Coins on the other hand are not that. Instead they’re nutrients, sunlight and atmosphere in which individual blockchain platforms operate. As interesting as it is to own a slice of the tokens being exchanged in every transaction on the network.

Performance is one of the main challenges facing current blockchain technology. The blockchain that Bitcoin uses is designed to handle seven transactions per second, and Ethereum can only handle a few more. As of December 2017, a simple Crypto Kitties application can slow Ethereum and increase transaction fees dramatically.

Crypto Exchanges

Enabling exchange tokens to be redeemed for real world rewards directly from an exchange marketplace without touching fiat, differentiating by rewards rather than competing on fees, and thus increasing token value. Enabling users to exchange their network tokens for digital and physical goods and services, in order to increase user-perceived value and token value. OneArt NFT artists to offer physical twins, trust lessly via NFTs redeemable for physical arte facts. 

Enabling loyalty programs and credit card rewards to offer any digital or physical Thing in a standardized, compo sable and interoperable digitized format, without the cost and friction of intermediaries. Enabling video games to gift or grant permission to buy rare or special items. For example, on reaching Grand Wizard status, a player has the right to buy a special t-shirt. 

What’s a token sale?

OneArt Future networked applications and online commerce may be built on smart contracts, an offshoot of the blockchain concept. This type of tech usually has the foundation in some kind of cryptocurrency, sometimes referred to as App Coins, or tokens. If based on the ERC20 standard under the Ethereum blockchain, tokens are convenient and compatible with existing wallets and exchanges.

Today’s consumer applications must be able to handle tens of millions of active users on a daily basis. In addition, some applications will only become meaningful when critical mass is reached. The platform itself must be able to handle a large number of concurrent users.