What Is Olyseum? (OLY) Complete Guide Review About Olyseum.

What Is Olyseum? (OLY) Complete Guide Review About Olyseum.

What Is Olyseum?

Olyseum is an ecosystem designed by stars to create a closer and more meaningful relationship with their fans. In stars will monetize their social influence and reward their fan’s loyalty. They will allow stars to monetize audiences, and fans to monetize fan engagement. Olyseum is an innovative blockchain-powered social ecosystem that strengthens the connection between fans and stars, making it more accessible and monetizable by taking
non-fungible tokens to the next level. They expanding roster of stars are aligned on a common mission to create opportunities for meaningful, authentic interactions with fans, and reward them for their support and participation in the celebrity economy.

Olyseum Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameOlyseum
Short NameOLY
Circulating Supply1.17B OLY
Total Supply5,000,000,000
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Join Us

Do you want to revolutionise the culture of fandom worldwide? They looking for like minded people to join the star-led, fan-centric ecosystem.



Olyseum Coin has created the experiential NFT, with an extra layer of value. xNFTs allow stars and fans to live experiences and monetize engagement.


xNFTs comprise exclusive experiences with star creators, opening the door to unprecedented levels of fan-star interactions and experiences that are in high demand.


Olyseum To ensure that everyone has a chance at accessing the most prized xNFTs, some will be hidden in xNFT packs and accessible via Mystery Cards.


With a wide selection of xNFTs to choose from, fans can establish their own collections, ascend the rankings and earn exclusive experiences with their favourite stars.


Olyseum Coin Everyday online activities are encouraged, valued and rewarded in Olyseum and other partner platforms that are part of the Olyverse.


Avail of this once in a lifetime opportunity to get in at the ground floor of the experiential NFT movement — driven by Olyseum.


Olyseum include the right to enjoy exclusive experiences with the creators. With xNFTs, is opening the door to unprecedented levels of fan-star interactions and experiences that are in high demand among legions of empowered fans. As the wider xNFT space continues to evolve, will bring xNFTs to life, making them more accessible and relatable to fans worldwide, with as the leading venue where fans and stars interact closer than ever before.


They wants to build a platform for fans, and they want to build it with the fans. That’s why they went to Moscow during one of the most important sporting events in the world, the World Cup, where millions of fans from all around the planet gather to live an amazing competition. They were there to listen to the fans, to get first-handed feedback of what they want and what they feel. It was an incredible experience for us and they learned a lot.


They Olyseum Coin continued the series of presentations in one of the favourite cities, Barcelona, at a very interesting event organized by Barcelona Blockchain. The CEO Carlos Grenoir was happy to engage with a very interested audience. They were delighted to be among friends, with presentations from other projects, such as Wibson, RSK and Skyllz.


Just like fans fuel the celebrity economy, OLY tokens fuel the platform. OLY
tokens can be used for the sale and purchase of xNFTs, exclusive content and memorabilia,
the renting and borrowing of the rights to star-led experiences, and leveraging stars’
reach for advertising campaigns. They envisions xNFTs becoming the main driver of crypto adoption, the tool to reward social activity among the community through OLY-based incentivisation, and the gateway to access star power for promotional activities.