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About Olympus

Olympus provide a web portal, SDKs, and APIs for financial product creators from both tech and non-tech backgrounds to easily create financial products for cryptocurrency investors. A company protocol will create both tokenized and non-tokenized cryptocurrency financial products based on the specifications of the product creators. These financial products are available to investors through the Olympus APP as well as third-party wallets and applications that integrate the Olympus Protocol. All transactions carried out on the Olympus Ecosystem, including product creating, payment settlements, product purchases, and transactions on the exchange, are subject to fees in order to prevent network abuse and encourage a healthy ecosystem.

Olympus fees required for the transactions are specified in units of gas. Gas is used to pay the fees for all transactions that deploy on the Olympus blockchain or the Olympus smart contract. The specific amount of gas required for each transaction depends on the type of the transaction and the amount of system resources required to execute it. Gas only exists in the context of executing transactions in the Olympus Ecosystem. MOT (Mount Olympus Tokens) are used to purchase the gas used to conduct the transactions, so the gas price is quoted in the number of MOTs. The gas price will fluctuate based on the amount of transactions on the network and the amount of resources that are available to reach an equilibrium price.

Olympus Key Information

Token NameOlympus
Soft cap10,000 USD
Hard cap1,070,000 USD
Distributed in ICO38,2 %
Min. investment100 USD
Token SymbolSFC Token
Token TypeERC20
Tokens for sale38,282,708
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Best bitcoin casinos

Currently, there are dozens of US bitcoin casinos. As a matter of fact, they are filled with a similar variety and quantity of games, promotions and other entertaining content as gambling venues in which users play for fiat moneys (USD, EUR, etc.). Olympus bitcoin casinos still have a couple of strengths that set them apart from the majority of casinos. Let’s first take a short look at the US legal framework concerning online gambling. In most US states, online casinos are explicitly or implicitly banned, except for three states. Yet some legislations adopted on the federal and state level conflict with each other, thus muddying the whole situation with online casinos.

As of today, expert lawyers strongly believe that bitcoin online casinos act in compliance with applicable legislation, thus remaining a safe haven for US gamblers who want to play online but cannot find a reliable traditional online casino. Olympus anonymous nature of Bitcoin is an advantage for casino users. Actually, the word pseudonymous is more suitable in this context, since interested parties can still pin down the origin of specific bitcoins and link them with a specific person. So in fact, Bitcoin is not fully anonymous; however, it has the maximum degree of anonymity possible, given the current development of the industry reviewed. Furthermore, US bitcoin casinos do their best to keep confidential personal details of their registered punters.

Picking the best US bitcoin casino is a tough call

The majority of new and existing gamblers find it quite a task to locate a reliable and reputable bitcoin casino. Lousy, jack leg casinos often publish ads on the internet to hook up gamblers who then get cheated or cannot obtain their winnings in a timely fashion. Olympus Finding a secure bitcoin casino that always delivers on its promises, a player can do the following: carry out a comprehensive research of each bitcoin casinos found over the Internet, scan through professional gambling forums and try some casinos for fun. But this process is very long and does not guarantee satisfactory results.

As an alternative, a player can read expert reviews, for example, these posted on this website. Authors who delivered these reviews have made through and in-depth analysis of each US bitcoin casino operating on the market and handpicked only the ones that deserve player’s attention. Anyway, there are several factors that should be consulted when searching for an excellent bitcoin online casino:

  • Low minimum and high maximum withdrawal limits for US players, coupled with clear and intelligible terms.
  • Solid and wide bonus program with many types of bonuses including reload and cashback. The WR rate is also important: the lower it is, the better.
  • Extensive collection of slots, blackjack, roulette and other games. It is preferable that the game library should be comprised of several providers at a time.
  • More than a single communication channel for contacting Customer Care service.

Casinos and Provably

Many users fear of being scammed or bluffed by malevolent casinos. Olympus traditional online casinos, it is hard or even impossible to check results of every spin in a slot, every card deal in blackjack or every wheel spin in roulette. Some gamblers begin to feel cheated after a long streak of losing rounds but have no tools to check fairness of the results and come to the conclusion whether they were scammed or not.

Contrary to fiat online casinos, the best bitcoin casinos often put in place the Provably Fair engine which allows for verifying consistency of each game round. The practice behind this technology lies in calculating and comparing hashes assigned by the client’s browser and casino software, in layman’s terms. As a result of the Provably Fair calculations, a bitcoin casino user can establish the fact of whether the results of a game round are true or lie.

Promotions in the best bitcoin casinos

Online casinos that operate with fiat moneys normally offer a good range of bonuses to first-timers and sophisticated gamblers. The value of those bonuses is measured in a few hundred or thousand of dollars (which is definitely less than one bitcoin). Olympus for US bitcoin casinos, it is conventional that they be full of high-valued bonuses that typically amount to a few bitcoins, for example, a welcome package in an ordinary bitcoin casino can cover 3 deposits and total five bitcoins, or greater. Another benefit for bitcoin casino visitors is that the play through requirements for bonuses are normally lower than in traditional online casinos. Bonuses are not the only entertainment option for players – there are also tournaments, raffles, cash draws and bitcoin faucets, all of which are available for registered US players.