Okglobalcoinsg Ico Review

Okglobalcoinsg Ico Review – A project to create the World’s First Technology

About Okglobalcoinsg

Okglobalcoinsg Over $1.4 billion USD worth of cryptocurrencies were lost in the FIRST five months of 2020. Thefts, frauds, hacks and negligent loss are major complications in the block-chain industry. Okglobalcoinsg My Identity Coin, the world’s first cryptocurrency enhanced with unique tagging technology that eliminates all major threats of loss ranging from breaching of security to cryptocurrency thefts by verifying each individual with coins uniquely coded with each owners identification.

Okglobalcoinsg Key Information

Token NameOkglobalcoinsg
Starting dateMarch 30th, 2021
Ending dateApril 25th, 2021
Token Sale Hard CapETH 5000
Token Sale Soft Cap$ NA
Token TypeERC-20 and Ethereum
Token SymbolMYID
Initial Token Price1 ETH = 437,500 MYID
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The Game Change Team Behind Okglobalcoinsg

Okglobalcoinsg Ico Review - A project to create the world's first technology

MYID Coin Supply & Distribution

My Identity Coins, Okglobalcoinsg, are utility coins used for the tagging/wrapping of blockchain information with unique owner identifying code. The purpose of tagging blockchains with MYID coin coding is to reduce and ultimately eliminate threat of loss, theft or unfair confiscation. There is a total volume of 100 billion ethereum(erc20) MY IDENTITY Coins.

60% of the coins will be allocated for public ownership/trade and the remaining 40% will be reserved for the development team, founder, partners, advisors, staff and necessary project expenses. The ethereum erc20 blockchain was used to create MYID Coins for ease of access to various funding and trading platforms. MY IDENTITY Coins will migrate to its own unique blockchain due to the functionality and use limitations of the ethereum blockchain.

Identity Coin Investors

Soft Opening with Market Testing

FIRST LOCATION IN SINGAPORE Soft Opening with Market Testing of payment platform, exchanges and business/service model. MY IDENTITY Coin ICO/IEOs ends on February 25, 2021. 1 eth = 500,000 Okglobalcoinsg February 10th – Launch of GUERILLA GLOBAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN for MYID Coin opening listing day launch on top exchanges.

First OKGlobal SWITCH-MYID Banking & financial services

Offer full line of traditional international banking services to our members by 3rd quarter 2022.(Checking accounts, bill pay, debit cards, payments via phone app, etc.) OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF BOTH USA AND SINGAPORE CENTERS!! Okglobalcoinsg COIN opening listing day April 27, 2021 1 eth = 275,000 MYID Prepare new locations Korea/Japan/Indonesia/Germany/New York and others to follow. THE MONEY PROJECT’s own unique blockchain with payment/money management services and lifestyle/social networking app released.

The Money Project by OkGlobal Coin SWITCH-MYID’

The first and only compliant international blockchain project of its kind aimed at the complete disruption and takeover of banking, finance, Exchange and payment processing via a living reactive decentralized autonomous organization, DAO. A living DAO that operates globally to replace faith based problematic fiat currency and bring back the use of real “money” which holds an Intrinsic value backed by assets and investments, that will rise in value to beat inflation rates and be used globally without threat of loss, theft or unfair confiscation.

Metamask App

Metamask provides the simplest yet most secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications. You are always in control when interacting on the new decentralized web.

  • Secured
  • In-Control
  • Easy-To-Use

Business News and Bloomberg International

Live global broadcast bell ringing ceremony at NASDAQ scheduled for launch of MY IDENTITY Coin opening day exchange listing and official launch of Singapore and USA OkGlobal Coin SWITCH-MYID International Service Centers April 2021.

International Service Centers

A full line of banking and financial services in the near future to all Okglobalcoinsg community! We are the future unstoppable decentralized economy taking back what is rightfully OURS! This is company money…..they WILL MAKE MONEY FROM OUR MONEY and no longer allow governments the authority over what they decide to use to pay for goods and services as they devalue the worthless currency they issue by fiat to its citizens!

Payment services

DOB July 1976, married with children. Formal education in Oregon majoring in pre-medicine and political science. Business ownership experience in insurance, food & beverage, finance, international trading, sales and marketing. Travels extensively 4 to 7 months a year internationally. Lives primarily in USA, Singapore and South Korea. Proficient communication in English, Korean and German. Rudimentary French, Russian and Indonesian. Currently operating doctors’ malpractice insurance brokerage originally established 1999 in Portland, Oregon USA.