Okami Inu

What Is Okami Inu (Okami)? Complete Guide Review About Okami Inu.

What Is Okami Inu (Okami)?

For the Strength of the Pack is the Wolf; and the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack.
Okami Inu is the Japanese Wolf Dog. Ōkami is a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency with vast utility for all holders. Ōkami plans to have utility that includes Ōkami Swap, NFT mints, Rewards, and Smart-Chain Bridges. All smart contracts are open-source. The Okami token is not and can not be considered as a security or otherwise a regulated currency of any kind, whether global or limited in scope.

This information taken by itself is not a contract or a contractual agreement of any kind. This is not a solicitation or offer to invest in Okami Inu in any way and with any expectation of profit in any form. Any user of Okami declares to have received appropriate technical, administrative, regulatory and legal advice before and after accessing this information.

It is accepted that using the website and using any portion or element of Okami Inu has an inherent risk in accessing, acquiring or using any kind of blockchain and/or crypto system, coin, platform, token, or software interface. User further acknowledges with full disclaimer, directly or indirectly, involvement with Okami Inu may result in damages suffered, including total loss.

Okami Inu Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameOkami Inu
Short NameOkami
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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The goal of Okami Inu is to be a world recognized token. Utility will always be important to Ōkami as we aim to be recognized among the top currencies in the world. Ōkami plans to bring utility through multiple avenues across the Ōkami Inu ecosystem to maximize and incentives business across the world to accept Ōkami as a form of payment.

Okami Inu is a completely decentralized, community driven project and does not have owners, shareholders, promoters, marketers, managers, directors or other figures or entities exerting any form of governance; Okami Inu, including but not limited to the encompassing project, coin, website, contracts and any applications as presented is not a licensed, unlicensed or exempted financial or payment service of any kind and in any jurisdiction.


The enduring lifespan of Okami Inu is your mission. The decentralized community is seeing vast market growth and the ecosystem they are building will result in real use cases, vast adoption, and value for holders. All terminology used in any print, website or other application is without any effective or legal meaning of the same terms in a regulated and/or financial environment.


Especially in the early stages of Okami Inu, they plan to bring the highest level of deliverable to your holders through your world class development team. As stated in the roadmap they have swap, bridges, NFT’s, rewards, marketplaces, and much much more to come. The platform of Okami is based on the trust of it’s community. It is essential that there is clear communication and a foundation of trust in order to take Okami to the world stage.

How To Buy

MetaMask is a third party ERC20 (Ethereum) browser wallet. Send Ethereum to MetaMask: Ōkami token is available on the Ethereum blockchain and coming soon on the Binance blockchain. Visit Uniswap (Coming soon on Ōkami Swap): You can currently swap Ethereum for Okami on Uniswap, in the near future you will be able to use your in-house Okami Inu Swap as well. Swap Ethereum for Ōkami Inu: Enter the amount of Ethereum you would like to swap for Ōkami. Click Connect Wallet then Swap. Be sure to use proper slippage and fast gas.

Ōkami Swap

Okami Inu Swap is an in house, multi chain, exchange platform for creatives to launch cryptocurrency projects and first-movers to have the tools they need to invest in high-potential launches. The beta version of Ōkami Swap will be released on both ETH & BSC shortly after launch and will be incrementally upgraded with honeypot checkers, charts, liquidity locks and more.

Bridge ETH, BSC, and Future Tokens

Okami Inu is a coin of the people. They want to bring as many wolves into the pack as possible as there is strength in numbers. They will be launching on the Ethereum Blockchain but quickly bridging to the Binance Blockchain. There will potentially be additional bridges announced in the future.

NFT Collection & Marketplace

Okami Inu holders will have presidential access to your future NFT drops and be able to not only mint, but also create their own NFTs through the Ōkami Inu platform. In addition to those benefits; all holders will be eligible for their split of future revenue that is generated from the Ōkami Inu NFT platform.

Okami Inu will also be launching an NFT Marketplace where designers and artists will be able to launch projects without requiring the expertise of creating their own contracts. Processes will be put into place for anyone with a creative eye to easily upload their art onto the blockchain and claim rewards, developer free.