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What Is Oculus Vision (OCV)? Complete Guide Review About Oculus Vision.

What Is Oculus Vision (OCV)?

Early stage high potential projects are oftentimes referred to as ‘gems’. Finding these gems and investing in them is the highest ROI opportunity available in the cryptographer. But gemfinding isn’t easy. Finding quality projects led by quality people is a grind. Investors have to kiss a whole
lot of frogs if they’re planning to find a prince(ss). Like most inventions Oculus Vision was born out of your own frustrations that they experienced while researching upcoming projects. When they started exploring the idea spoke to many other early stage investors and found that there were four problems that came up again and again.

Oculus Vision Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameOculus Vision
Short NameOCV
Circulating Supply7,133,000.00 OCV
Total Supply100,000,000
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IDO overload

As a result you’re forced to spend your whole day monitoring all kinds of different launchpads and platforms, browsing through crypto twitter, keeping your ear to the ground in Telegram groups, Discord groups etc. There is currently no way to get an overview of which projects are upcoming on which platforms in which time frames.

Complicated Coin tracking

Keeping track of Oculus Vision requires a hodgepodge of tools, dashboards, contract numbers etc. And if you’re investing on different chains you’ll be forced to go through a whole different set of websites and dashboards for every other chain. The whole thing feels primitive. It makes the process frustrating, is prone to errors and dramatically increases the friction experienced when trading and investing.

Unaccessable Early Stages

Investors that find good projects very early get rewarded with astronomical ROI. But right now the ones getting into these projects early are mainly influencers and members of the happy few. When you see an influential person make a call for a project you never know if he’s really trying to help out and believes in the project or if it’s a pump and dump and he’s dumping his bags on you.

Oculus Vision odds are stacked heavily against the average investor. At the same time there are many excellent projects who would like nothing more than to make their business idea a reality but they lack the connections necessary to reach early stage investors and get a successful seed round going.


With Oculus Vision focus on designing actual solutions that deal with the underlying problems instead of trying to use workarounds and band aids. This takes time, effort and capital but it’s the only way to build a lasting solution and help the industry as a whole move forward. Investors will be able to make notes on launches, set reminders for themselves, alert friends about upcoming IDO’s and see how much interest and hype there is for different projects. Oculus Discover will enable investors to free up hours of their day immediately by offering investors a complete overview of different IDO’s across different launchpads in one easy to use dashboard.

Oculus Slipstream

Oculus Vision Slipstream will finally even the gemfinding playing field and allow investors to gain access to projects in an early-stage presale discovery phase. Slipstream will be a bridge between early stage investors on one side and motivated early projects looking for good connections and future audience on the other side. Slipstream will be community driven and making the right calls for succesful projects will earn users rewards and a place on the Oculus Leader board.

Other users will finally be able to see which early stage investors are the real deal and which ones are just trying to offload their bags. An ecosystem will emerge where the most accurate and profitable calls will rise to the top allowing other users to follow along in the slipstream of users with verifiable strong track records.

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