What Is OAX (OAX)?

What Is OAX (OAX)? Complete Guide Review About OAX.

What Is OAX (OAX)?

OAX Foundation believes that the future is shaped by the work done today. Explore your vision and the work being done within this space. Openness, trust less ness and strong governance are the foundations that will enable digital assets to flourish in today’s highly complex and regulated financial world. The biggest question has become whether it is even possible for a human to be digitized in the first place.

Much of the experimentation so far has relied on the supposition that there will be technology in the form of external hardware to mediate the transference of human consciousness between mediums. This approach has posed a roadblock to developments in this field. However, AI technology is making significant leaps forward to address this. OAX Galaxy deploys AI across all of its avatars to allow the development of distinctive virtual personalities, loosely based on user-specific preferences and traits.

OAX Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameOAX
Short NameOAX
Circulating Supply77,045,250.58 OAX
Total Supply100,000,000
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OAX DeFi Parachain Features

Developed for the Polkadot Network based parachains, explore five features that were developed by OAX. Moreover, Sensorium Galaxy’s avatars have a consciousness which is akin to the soul of a virtual person or an intellectual core. This can be formed based on user preferences as well as through the use of artificial neural networks that enhance the self-development and content creation of non-player characters (NPCs), fully controlled by AI.

As time goes by, avatars create greater adaptation to the surrounding environment and as they process more data, they gradually achieve autonomy. As such, they can carry their existence into an infinite future, enacting a digital legacy with which future generations can fully interact with.

OAX Layer 2 Protocol

Released August 2019, the Layer 2 Solution (L2X) focuses on addressing scalability, dispute resolution and more for decentralized exchanges. Plenty of AAA games are known for incorporating in-game currencies into their structures, making virtual economies one of their main draws. Users can produce goods and services, exchange them and, generally speaking, hold virtual assets. In that, virtual economies are accurately modeled after real-life economies.

OAX Community & Research

Beyond development internally, support the industry is key. Explore the work we’ve done with Professor OAX in exploring regulations within this space. Your platform leverages blockchain technology to run its virtual economy, allowing for a more transparent, secure and user-friendly framework. They’re doing this through SENSO – the in-metaverse currency of Sensorium Galaxy. A decentralized economy such as yours opens the doors to a better and fairer virtual experience, leveling the playing field for all users.

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OAX is a digital metaverse where users can enjoy a hyper-visual and multi – ensory experience enhanced by cutting-edge virtual reality and artificial intelligence technology. This opens an infinite realm of entertainment possibilities anchored on high-quality content, dynamic neural network integration and advanced social mechanics, including groundbreaking AI-generated data. With interactive and immersive digital dynamics at its core, Sensorium Galaxy extends across multiple worlds, each functioning as a separate content hub for music, dances, mindfulness, virtual exchanging and connectiveness.