Nvis Ico Review

Nvis Ico Review – Privacy is Worth Sharing

About Nvis

TLC Secure, Inc. is pleased to offer Invisible Internet (NVIS), an access token that is a passport to TSN, the TLC Safe Connect Network. Nvis is a distributed network of VPNs with decentralized management domains. In addition to a secure Ethereum blockchain, it is essentially a new Internet of private networks behaving like the public network, while being essentially “invisible” on the public network.

The Renaissance was the period when visionaries led the world out of the Dark Ages with creative insight and innovations in science, art, music, medicine, astronomy with no barriers to limit individuals to a single discipline. Simply put, they saw farther. Renaissance Engineering is a spark that is transforming every aspect of our world and lighting a new path forward. Nvis look farther and aim higher.

Nvis Key Information

Token NameNvis
ICO start25th Sep 2017
ICO end10th Oct 2017
Distributed in ICO40%
Tokens for sale100,000,000
Token SymbolNVIS
Token TypeERC20
Price in ICO1.0000 USD
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The Game Change Team Behind Nvis

Nvis Ico Review - Privacy is Worth Sharing

A Better VPN. Absolute Privacy

The Invisible Internet is a Community of member nodes securely connected within their community. This network could easily secure and enjoin the host nodes of ANY computer, device or private blockchain (institutional or enterprise) or public blockchain or corporate intranet. Nodes are untraceable and rendered invisible to hackers, thieves or snooping from the public Internet, thereby reducing risk from exploits, denial-of-service downtime of strategically critical blockchain nodes that can impact business operations  or disrupt transactions.

Revolutionary Blockchain Security

Nvis nodes are rendered invisible to hackers, thieves or snooping from the public Internet, thereby reducing risk from exploits, denial-of-service downtime of strategically critical blockchain operations and disruptions. A company secure blockchain allows smart contract based access control for complex rules that are more flexible and (unlike centralized AAA) can be reached globally by remote users and supply chain partners. The decentralized access control replaces the need for PKI and RADIUS. Other identity management methods on the blockchain are planned.

The Invisible Internet

Nvis will have its own DNS, DHCP and IP management, with its own domain name registration service and distributed firewalls. Alternative search engines, IPFM and video services and more secure messaging via Telegram will be added. In effect, it will be a brand-new Internet. This offers vast entrepreneurial opportunities for commerce. Privacy will be a key competitive edge as well as core service of TSN. Participating nodes will have the ability to switch off the public Internet and use only TSN, or use private Communities they join or create.


Security Joining TSN gives users an “invisibility cloak” for host computers, protecting vital system services (such as blockchain nodes) from port and protocol hacking and costly, disruptive DDoS attacks or theft. Hackers can’t hack what they can’t see. The unique community name feature of TSN will allow for Content Marketing. Nvis well as streaming video andd audio, TSN has opportunities for negotiation with premium content providers to accept 3EMU as a universal access token for pay per-view or subscriptions. This will allow TSN to become similar to a global cable service for a vast range of programs and online events.

Disclosure of Personal Information

The transmission of data or information (including communications by e-mail) over the Internet or other publicly accessible networks may not always be secure, and is subject to possible loss,
interception, or alteration while in transit. Accordingly, TLC does not assume any liability, without
limitation, for any loss or damage you may experience or costs you may incur as a result of any
transmissions over the Internet or other publicly accessible networks, including but not limited to
transmissions involving the Platform or e-mail with TLC containing your personal information.

While TLC will take commercially reasonable efforts to safeguard the privacy of the information you provide to Nvis and will treat such information in accordance with TLC’s Privacy Policy, in no event will the information you provide to TLC be deemed to be confidential, create any fiduciary
obligations for TLC, or result in any liability for TLC in the event that such information is negligently released by TLC or accessed by third parties without TLC’s consent.