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What Is NumisMe (NUME)? Complete Guide Review About NumisMe.

What Is NumisMe (NUME)?

Meet the only NumisMe purchasing protocol dedicated to digitizing and swapping loose change, powered by the world’s first coin bought directly with cash. Let’s digitize all physical money. Never carry change again. Never lose loose change again. Every penny adds up to give you the power to do what you want to do. Meet the only crypto purchasing protocol dedicated to digitizing and swapping loose change, powered by the world’s first coin bought directly with cash.

Managing cash for small businesses and big box stores is one of the most important and challenging aspects of a retail business. From the time a customer pays the cashier until the cash is safely deposited in the bank, this process of handling cash is exposed to shrinkage, external theft, and mishandling. Big businesses spend huge amounts for effective cash management—counting, verifying, reconciling, and transporting cash.

NumisMe Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNumisMe
Short NameNUME
Circulating Supply1.00B NUME
Total Supply5,000,000,000
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Progressive decentralization

NumisMe will be built on the concept of progressive decentralization. Initially, Numinous development will focus on bootstrapping the protocol and distributing NUMISMATIC to the community of users and developers who participate in the protocol. Your Company will make the following three commitments in order to cultivate the fairest marketplace possible.

Fixed Supply

While Numismatic is being progressively decentralized, we commit to taking no mint actions that would increase the total supply of NUMISMATIC (e.g. re-minting burned NUMISMATIC). Cash management also includes continuously buying or having cash and rolled change shipped. In addition to the saving on manual labor and on transporting cash, the security and asset protection is an invaluable perk.

Fees Static Rewards/Auto Compounding & Staking

Users that choose to hold NUME in their wallet will earn more NUME automatically through incentivized distributions. The transaction fee of every NUME transaction contributes 6% to RFI-static rewards. These fees are distributed proportionally to all holders. Staking NUME in the platform, outside of the users wallet, provides even more growth than the RFI static rewards because the users deposit their funds to secure the network and NUME offers greater yield to those investors that choose this route. Those that choose to lock up their funds within the NumisMe ecosystem by staking will receive rewards up to 12%. (Coming 2022).

Implementing a changeless, digitized system

On a global scale NumisMe are talking about hundreds of billions or trillions of dollars’ worth of paper bills and coins simply vanishing due to an inefficient system. If these “physical” fiat funds (or even a portion) could be saved by means of digitizing these funds in the first place by utilizing the app, not only will be creating a bridge towards a fully digitized economy and an ecologically friendlier environment but also a more decentralized society by providing quick on-ramps (no need for a bank or credit card) to the cryptocurrency markets.

Physical change digitally

In addition to sending and receiving funds between users like they do with Venmo or Cash app, NumisMe uniquely allows customers to convert physical, real cash/change to digital money. By building partnerships with retail businesses and big box stores, NumisMe intends to add value to everyday POS systems by providing vendors, the ability to accept cash payments, but without having to return any physical change. In return, customers enjoy the benefit of receiving digital change back into their account. This easily accessible option with will gradually eliminate the idea of physical and loose change altogether.

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