What Is Nuggets? (NUG) Complete Guide Review About Nuggets.

What Is Nuggets? (NUG) Complete Guide Review About Nuggets.

What Is Nuggets?

Nuggets (NUG) is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Ethereum platform. Nuggets has a current supply of 9,729,464,161.02413 with 1,724,830,450.01613 in circulation. The last known price of Nuggets is 0.00084577 USD and is down -0.51 over the last 24 hours. Nuggets is a consumer blockchain platform with the power to revolutionise payment, privacy and security. It puts personal data back in control of individuals, enabling ‘self-sovereign identity’ on a
mass scale. And it solves the biggest single headache for businesses: data security.

Nuggets Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNuggets
Short NameNUG
Circulating Supply1.72B NUG
Total Supply9,729,464,161
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Nuggets is a decentralized, self-sovereign ID and payments platform

Nuggets Coin It stores personal and payment data with blockchain, so it never has to be shared with anyone. Not even. That liberates companies from their biggest headache: data security. If you’re not storing data, it can’t be breached. That’s reassuring for customers too. They can still buy what they want, and use the services they love. But without worrying about their privacy.

Trusted Transactions

A verified digital identity for every transaction. Nuggets is a multi award winning self-sovereign verified digital identity and payment platform. It enables trusted transactions through verified digital identities, a personal cloud vault and auditable nuggets of data. Cutting fraud, and safeguarding customer data. Speak to us and see how your organisation can benefit from the Nuggets trust solution.

Verified Self-Sovereign Digital Identity

One-time, agnostic onboarding, using proof of identity tied to payment. A continuously updated, dynamic transaction history creates the highest standard of identity.

Access and control

Nuggets Customers verify their identity using biometrics. No usernames or passwords – at any level.

Simple, secure payments

The merges payments with ID, which prevents fraudsters from compromising identities online. Payment providers and merchants save money from reduced fraud, as well as delivering all the payment options customers want.

Secure Documents

Customers own and control their documents (photo IDs, utility bills, bank statements, etc) in their own, secure digital vault. So you can reduce the cost and risk of storing customer documents, while ensuring exceptional privacy and security for your customers.

Next-gen authentication

Nuggets Coin is the only self-sovereign identity and payment platform. They onboard customers with a proof of identity tied to payment. They use blockchain technology, so no one signing in and verifying with Nuggets will leave their data behind and risk it being compromised. They have a privacy-by-design ethos, and don’t pass any personal information (like emails or phone numbers) when people log in.

Usernames and passwords have failed to keep people safe. ID fraud, social engineering and phishing are all on the rise. Below are just a few of the many frightening stats:

  • 98% of cyber attacks rely on social engineering
  • 56% of IT decision-makers say targeted phishing attacks are their top security threat
  • 65% of companies have over 500 users who are never prompted to change their passwords.

Business Benefits

No more customer data breaches, fraud or false positives

They hugely reduces the regulatory and reputation risks of data breaches. It also cuts losses from fraud, false positives and fraudulent chargebacks. And increases revenue. All with the privacy and security of blockchain.

Cut fraud

$24.26 billion lost to card and identity fraud worldwide in 2018.

Cut false positives

Nuggets $331 billion lost or passed up through false positives worldwide in 2018.

Cut fraudulent chargebacks

These make up 42% of retail fraud losses.

No more phishing, social engineering, malware, or hijacked accounts

With you can offer intuitive, best-in-class ways to access accounts, services and verification – without tying your customers up in complex processes. Privacy and security are built in, which means no more insecure passwords, SMS or email verifications.

Single sign-on with biometrics or verified two-way communication

Nuggets Coin After a one-time onboarding process, your customers can simply sign in with their biometrics. No need for a username or password – at any level. And no passing of personal data of any kind at login. They also provides verified two-way communication. The customers can be sure you’re genuine, and can confirm their identity to you without the frustrating security questions.