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Novogara Web Hosting Review: Instant Dedicated Servers In The Netherlands.

About Novogara

Novogara is a large dedicated server provider with customers located worldwide, they offer unmanaged dedicated servers and excellent (24×7) customer service. Your servers are all high quality hardware and connected on a very large and rock solid network. This is located in the Netherlands, they respect customer privacy but also the Law which apply in your Country. They will not provide your details to third parties, they are safe. However when Law Enforcement requires your details will comply and assist them (when required) in their investigation.

For assets that are converted for the first time, approval is required for the transaction with a first-time contract call and a new address. This has to be done only once for each token. When it is completed, a ‘transaction for final coin conversion’ proceeds, and the gas fee is required. As such, a maximum of 2 consecutive transactions can be performed per bridge gun, so they recommend that you have enough assets in your wallet to use as gas fees in advance. In general, the gas fee required for each chain is as follows.

Some Quick Facts Novogara Web Hosting

NovogaraBasic Details
Hosting NameNovogara
Price$99/ per month
Call Support+31 (0)20 – 261 34 81
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Novogara Price

Is Novogara a Bulletproof hosting provider?

Novogara is an Internet Access Service Provider. This is not a hosting provider, which means they do not offer any form of hosting. Therefore is not a (bulletproof) hosting provider. In order to have access to the internet your customers hire unmanaged dedicated servers, this has no access to the data on the unmanaged hired servers of her clients. Subsequently they do not allow your customers to provide bulletproof hosting on the rented servers provided by Novogara NB.

Any content on your server(s) which does not comply with Dutch Law is a violation of your AUP and will result in suspension of your service(s). Currently, there is no Minter Contract system in Terra Chain, so you can move your Terra assets to a heterogeneous chain, but you cannot receive assets from other chains. As Terra’s smart contracts change in the future, Terra minting will accordingly be implemented in the Orbit Bridge system.

Is it allowed to use your servers for streaming purposes?

Novogara use your servers as streaming server or as streaming relay servers they require you to have a takedown tool, because abuse reports have to be dealt with within 20 minutes from notification by the copyright holder. If no such takedown tool is available or if find out abuse is not being dealt with accordingly, it is not allowed to use your servers for streaming purposes. Servers are delivered within max 48 hours after your order, most of the time you will have your server within 60 minutes. But it can happen this takes more time, you will be notified by your provisioning department per e-mail once the server is ready.

How can I test network speed?

All your servers are unmanaged, they only manage the network connection and equipment. But if you have any software questions and they do have the knowledge to help you will always do this. Novogara does only provide refunds on NON-delivered services. Once a server is delivered they dont provide a refund, unless they did not deliver what you ordered. If the server is not delivered yet you always have the right on a refund.

As the congestion level of the chain increases, the gas fee rises in real-time, so even if you have the recommended quantity, it may not be possible to proceed with the transaction. In that case, please check the Gas Tracker page for each chain below. In particular, since the gas fee fluctuates severely for ETHEREUM, POLYGON, and FANTOM chains, it is recommended that you check the gas tracker site and reserve a sufficient amount of gas fee if you cannot request a transaction.

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