What Is Nokencoin (NOKN)?

What Is Nokencoin (NOKN)? Complete Guide Review About Nokencoin.

What Is Nokencoin (NOKN)?

This project is the first to allow people to create tokens easily (as easily as a domain name is filed), without technical knowledge, and to set the future habits and standards of the market. Each token has its specific aspects and associated tools, allowing everyone to communicate around it to make it worthwhile or fund projects. Everything will be accompanied by market caps (classifications) and crypto-exchanges. Nokencoin (NOKN) is an utility token running with your Virtual Masternode technology.

The project is community-based. Ultimately, it will have to become decentralized and autonomous. It is also planned to reach a phase where the generated profit will be donated to the community. Strengthening the links between a tokenized person and his community. Advertising management by tokenization of influencers for brands. Blockchain operation ensures the traceability of information and the transparency of actions.

Nokencoin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNokencoin
Short NameNOKN
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply210,000,000
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Terms and conditions of Service and Sales

The purpose of these terms and conditions of Service and Sales is to define the conditions for the provision and use of Nokencoin services. They form all the documents to which they refer, a contract (hereinafter the “Contract”) concluded between THUILLET-NOKENCHAIN, a company incorporated under French law, administratively domiciled at BP 1, 88 rue d’Eaubonne, 95100 ARGENTEUIL, FRANCE, SIREN 451 361 315.

And any natural or legal person, consumer or professional, governed by private or public law, creating a user account on the website (hereinafter referred to as the “User “). The User and being individually or jointly referred to as the “Party(ies)”.

User Account

To be able to order Services, the User must have a valid user account (hereinafter the “Account” or “User Account”). The User creates his User Account online on the Nokenchain Website. The User provides all the required information (including email address, identity, contact details, telephone number, etc.) and undertakes that all the information thus provided will be accurate and updated throughout the duration of the Contract.

When the User Account is created and used by a person acting in the name and on behalf of the User, he declares and guarantees to Nokencoin that he has the power and the capacity necessary to represent and engage the User under the conditions provided for in the Contract.

Verification and activation of the User Account

Before the activation of the User Account and at any time during the Contract, Nokencoin reserves the right to check the accuracy of the information communicated by or on behalf of the User, and to ask the User for supporting documents. This reserves the right not to activate or deactivate the User Account in the event of incomplete, erroneous or fraudulent information.


From the activation of his User Account by Nokencoin, the User can order Services. Depending on the Services, Orders can be placed directly from the User Management Interface and/or by using, where applicable, the APIs made available by Noken chain. The User is solely responsible for the management of his User Account and the means of authentication (such as usernames, passwords, etc.) associated with it. Any Order for Services made from the User Account is deemed to have been placed by the User and is binding on the latter.

The conditions and deadlines for making the Services available vary depending on the ordered Service. The Services are made available only after receipt by Nokenchain of payment from the User. It is up to the User to ensure that the conditions for the provision of the ordered Services meet their needs.

Applicable Terms of Service

The provision and use of the Services are governed by these terms and conditions of Service/Use, the Special Conditions of Service applicable to the concerned Services, all other conditions to which said Terms and Conditions and Special Conditions refer, such as in particular Third parties Product Conditions, as well as all the information brought to the attention of the User during the Order (the “Terms of Service”).

The use of Third Party Products (such as software, systems, applications, etc.) made available by Nokencoin as part of the Services, may be subject to specific terms of use (the “Third Party Product Terms”). The Special Conditions of Service and the Third Party Product Conditions supplement these Terms and conditions of Service/Use.

In the event of contradiction, the Special Terms of Service as well as these Terms and Conditions prevail over the Third Party Product Conditions. All the Terms of Service/Use in force are referenced and can be consulted from the Nokencoin Website or available on request from Nokenchain Support. The Terms of Service/Use may vary depending on the country in which the Services are located.