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Nodechef Web Hosting Review: The best platform for hosting cloud-native web and mobile apps.

About Nodechef

Nodechef Cloud is a platform as a service (PaaS) for deploying and running Cloud-native Node.js, Python, Elixir, PHP, Go, Ruby, Java, .Net Core applications via docker containers and kubernetes. Monitor, set alerts and autoscale your application using Chef APM. Metrics include CPU, RAM, Out of memory crashes, timeout failures, response latency, request per second, open HTTP(s) connections and web sockets. NodeChef is the only PostgreSQL DBaas that provides automated and self service database restore to an exact point in time. This is made possible as they continuously backup the binary logs of the PostgreSQL server.

You are 100% protected from any data loss in the event of having to recover data. Setup a replicated PostgreSQL database cluster in just one click. Nodechef orchestration system takes care of moving data to new nodes to join the cluster with precision and also automatically reconfigure the cluster to a new master in the event the current master node is unreachable. The dashboard provides complete transparency into replication allowing you to monitor the state of each node in the cluster.

Some Quick Facts Nodechef Web Hosting

NodechefBasic Details
Hosting NameNodechef
Email SupportN/A
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Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Nodechef Price

Built on containers

Nodechef runs your code inside Docker containers on bare metal servers. Set up a managed container cluster equipped with capabilities such as logging to make application management easier. Easily declare containers’ requirements, such as the amount of storage, memory and number of containers. The platform also supports the ability to declare rules to automatically scale your cluster. chef provides zero downtime vertical and horizontal scalability. Containers can be added and removed on demand with a single click of a button. Node provides you with uptime metrics, response and connect latency of all application containers, real-time structured HTTP logs, number of active clients, requests per second, CPU and memory usage of all containers.

Highly scalable NoSQL & SQL databases

NodeChef dedicated databases runs on bare metal with local SSD and guaranteed RAM, IO and CPU. NodeChef also supports a slow query analyzer, continous backups and PITR, replication and high availability for all databases. Index suggestions and automated background indexing for MongoDB are also supported. Import CSV/JSON into your database without having to write custom ETL code. The import engine supports extensive file formats and data transformations.

Scalable object storage

The Nodechef object storage service is S3 compatible. This allows your applications to be developed using the AWS S3 SDKs in the lanaguage of your choice. There is no lock-in or a steep learning curve to use this service on Chef. If you need to store a ton of files and retrieve them as fast as possible, the Node object storage service is SSD backed and is guaranteed to deliver on performance. Update your code in production without any downtime. Node coordinates updates with precision to ensure a seamless upgrade experience for all connected clients.

Fast, simple and reliable Application hosting

Nodechef Dedicated hosting is faster, simpler and more reliable than Do-It-Yourself, free hosting and shared hosting solutions. For a starting price of only $9/month, you get cheap hosting for your app and database. Nodechef provides automated SSL certificate provisioning, installation and renewals, wildcard domain management as well as static assets delivery and caching via our load balancers for faster page loads.

Harden your database server by using IP whitelisting from the dashboard. Chef automatically installs and renews SSL certificates for your PostgreSQL server to encrypt data across the wire. The Chef dashboard also supports two-factor authentication to secure access to your installation. Authentication to the database is also required by default.

Database slow query monitoring

In addition to regular database metrics, Nodechef provides metrics on slow performing queries for MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases allowing you to quickly resolve performance issues. For MongoDB, NodeChef can auto index the database. NodeChef runtime out of the box allows you to define rules based on collected metrics to autoscale application containers in and out to run efficiently and cost effectively. Node fully managed and integrated platform means you dont have to rely on several providers to host your app. You can host your app and database on NodeChef.

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