What Is Noah Ark (NRK)?

What Is Noah Ark (NRK)? Complete Guide Review About Noah Ark.

What Is Noah Ark (NRK)?

Stable coins like USDT and USDC have become an integral part of the Crypto space. Noah Ark use them to store non-volatile value, allowing to maintain the same amount of purchasing power from day to day. Unfortunately, this isn’t actually how the US Dollar works. The Federal Reserve controls the minting of US Dollars, and it’s fiscal policies have consistently led to the depreciation of its currency. This means that a Dollar today is worth more than a Dollar tomorrow.

Noah Ark Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNoah Ark
Short NameNRK
Circulating Supply100,000.00 NRK
Total SupplyN/A
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What is the point of NoahArkDAO?

Noah Ark goal is to build a policy-controlled currency system, in which the behavior of the NRK token is controlled at a high level by the DAO. In the long term, they believe this system can be used to optimize for stability and consistency so that NRK can function as a global unit-of-account and medium-of-exchange currency. In the short term, they intend to optimize the system for growth and wealth creation.

How do I participate in NoahArkDAO?

There are two main strategies for market participants: staking and bonding. Stakers stake their NRK tokens in return for more NRK tokens, while bonders provide LP or DAI tokens in exchange for discounted NRK tokens after a fixed vesting period. Treasury assets will be stored in multi-sig cold wallets instead of in contract to avoid any danger or code leak, after receiving authorization from our DAO vote.

How can I benefit from NoahArkDAO?

Noah Ark The main benefit for stakers comes from supply growth. The protocol mints new NRK tokens from the treasury, the majority of which are distributed to the stakers. Thus, the gain for stakers will come from their auto-compounding balances, though price exposure remains an important consideration. That is, if the increase in token balance outpaces the potential drop in price (due to inflation), stakers would make a profit.

The main benefit for bonders comes from price consistency. Bonders commit a capital upfront and are promised a fixed return at a set point in time; that return is in NRK and thus the bonder’s profit would depend on NRK price when the bond matures. Bonders benefit from a rising or static NRK price.

Who created NoahArkDAO?

Noah Ark is a fork of Olympus on multi-chian, starting from the Avalanche Network. Your team is mostly anonymous, born from the DeFi Community. They aim at becoming a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and they are actively working towards that goal. All decisions are formed by community members on the forum and made by token holders through snapshot voting.

Born With Game-Fi

Noah Ark is designed to provide backing assets for Game-Fi crypto-currency with stable coins and Proof of Liquidity. Liquidity is important to all GameFi developers. In late Nov of 2021, they witnessed an unprecedented decline of GameFi Coins like ETERNAL from Cypto Mines and RACA. With stables coins as backing assets, GameFi coins become more stable and promising to build a healthy long term Play to Earn platform.

After GameFi developers adopted NoahArk, their game gained the ability to control their currency liquidity and stabilize the currency. Its mechanism works the same as Olympus Pro. Noah Ark DAO requests every multi sign account to use a hardware wallet when implementing Multi-sig.

Treasury Return Mechanism

In case of a bearish market, the price drops far below the backing price and stays. The usual method is to lower the rebase rate and stop bond sales, which leads to a very long waiting period until holders can get back their original investment. This harms holders and Noah Ark will not allow our NoahArk DAO to take the same measures.Treasure will be returned to holders after a vote if the market price is lower than the backing price for 2 or 4 weeks.