What Is Nkn.org? (NKN) Complete Guide Review About Nkn.org

What Is Nkn.org? (NKN) Complete Guide Review About Nkn.org

What Is Nkn.org?

Nkn.org New Kind of Network, is an open-source protocol for public blockchain-based peer-to-peer Networks to share network bandwidth and Internet connectivity. The project was launched in January 2018 and lists Stephen Wolfram, creator of Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha, and Whitfield Diffie, inventor of public-key cryptography as advisors. Mainnet was launched in July 2019 and has up to 25,000 full consensus nodes (more than Bitcoin or Ethereum).

Nkn Coin consensus algorithm is based on Cellular Automata, A New Kind of Science and Ising Model, where a simple local majority rule can lead to system-level convergence in a small number of iterations. The design goal is to scale to arbitrary numbers of equal consensus nodes. uses a global addressing scheme based on public keys, in order to enable direct peer to peer communication without centralized servers. The routing of packets is based on Chord Distributed Hash Table which maps each address to a random and verifiable position on the Chord ring.

Nkn.org Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNkn.org
Short NameNKN
Circulating Supply583,666,666 NKN
Total Supply700,000,000
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Nkn.org After years of transmutation, the Internet is in danger of losing its original vision and spirit. For example, Network Neutrality is overturned; spectrum and bandwidth are not efficiently utilized; information is fragmented and can be censored; and privacy protection is limited. These signal that the network needs a reform.

Existing solutions are not suitable for next generation blockchain systems because they:

  • Utilize a centralized approach to improve efficiency.
  • Sacrifice the scalability of the network to speed up consensus.
  • Limit participation rate of nodes or require authorization to increase “security”.
  • Use purely financial motivations or trusted third parties to solve problems which should be solved by mathematics and technology


A deep dive into the New Kind of Network You probably already know that the Internet has some definitive problems when it comes to structure, utilization and centralization. Let us introduce you to the main three solutions they have developed to solve the problems of the current Internet 2.0 that they use today.

  • Structure: Consensus via Proof of Relay (PoR)
  • Utilization: Decentralized Data Transmission Network
  • Decentralization: MOCA – a highly scalable consensus


Easy To Use

Nkn Coin makes it easy for everybody to use and utilize the services. The code is available in many programming languages so it’s easy to adopt for every developer.

Optimized Routing

The network always finds the most optimal route to it’s destination. Using the own “proximity routing” algorithm, data is always taking the fastest possible relaters.

Private and Secure Delivery

Nkn.org works without the direct use of an IP address. Data is stored only in the local device, and always guarantees best protection of privacy and security.


Millions of nodes

The novel MOCA consensus algorithm is horizontally scalable and supports an arbitrary number of consensus nodes. the mainnet can support millions of full consensus nodes, more than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • High availability
  • Decentralization

Aggregated high speed

Nkn Coin Nodes and clients can utilize the aggregated speed of several routes. Adding more nodes to the network can horizontally scale throughput for the entire network.

  • Always fastest route
  • Load balanced

Zero Server

Fully peer to peer and decentralized, with no need to develop and run centralized servers. Significantly reducing complexity and costs, as well as removing the single point of failure and a centralized target for attacks or hacking.

  • 100% secure
  • 0% Downtime

Unique and global ID

Unique Nkn.org addresses enable services from anywhere in the world and at any time, and also helps people discover and search for applications and services.

  • Reliable data transactions
  • Communication everywhere

Extra security and privacy

End-to-end and hop-by-hop encryption without Public Key Infrastructure or 3rd party certificates.

  • Additional security layer
  • No central certificate authority

Low latency

Nkn Coin Supports all application types including real-time 3D gaming, AR/VR, and IoT, as well as edge computing and optimized routing.

  • Low ping
  • Fast access