What Is Ninneko (NINO)? Complete Guide Review About Ninneko.

What Is Ninneko (NINO)?

What Is Ninneko (NINO)?

Ninneko is an NFT p2e game set in a deep dark forest, filled with mysterious defendable villages. Alpha were the first villagers to arrive in the forest, and they have protected the villages ever since, maintaining the history and culture of their tribes. However as more and more Beta arrived in the forest, the land became increasily scarce. As a result the villagers began invading one another, which in turn led to an ultimate war. Wild are born with the ability to lead, have extraordinary senses and abilities, and strive to preserve the history of the villages.

Your goal is to help the Ninneko conquer the entire forest, build new villages, and establish a strong empire. To carry out invasions, you will create various teams and continuously train them to be the best, you will then use these teams to attack enemy villages. Each Ninneko is a unique NFT creature made up of a rare combination of hair, ears, tail, eyes, hand, and mouth. Those cattributes are determined by their genetic code.

This plays an integral part in the in-game battle, each Ninneko has different stats: heal, attack, armor, speed, and its hand determines its class Warrior, Mage, Support, Ranger, Assassin. Each can be bred a maximum of 6 times. Breeding costs some NINO and MATA, depending on how many times the have been bred. Alpha is the first generation, it costs only NINO tokens to breed. Beta is the second generation. You can randomly select two to pair up with.

Ninneko Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNinneko
Short NameNINO
Circulating Supply64,904,273.00 NINO
Total Supply200,000,000
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A NFT Game

Ninneko is an enchanting NFT role-playing game on the Binance Smart Chain in which players can earn by nurturing, building lineups to defeat enemies through PvP/PvE battles and campaign. A designed a token economy model using blockchain technology to complement the game-play. The main distinction between and other conventional Idle games is that your Breeding system allows your fellow players to enjoy the game with a rich diversity of characters.

The game battle is automated, fast and there are no requirements about input. The interesting part is which strategy players will bring into the battle and how they lay out. This positions play an important role in the battle, which may bring you one of the best defensive strategies. Once the formation is done appropriately, the next thing to work on is building a good team. A good team consists of good fighters and defenders who can keep an eye on enemies and prevent them from coming to your side of the battlefield.

Play for Fun (and Free)

Ninneko are promising to provide an awesome play environment where users can interact and have fun. For those who have never used Blockchain technology before is an easy-to-use, free-to-play and play-to-earn game. They have a single faction, which is the one from either parent. Thus, it has a 50% chance of inheriting one type or the other. Offspring can’t be born with factions different from its parents’, making faction mutations impossible. If the parents are of the same faction, their offspring will also be born with that faction.

Play to Earn

Ninneko are promising to bring not only merely fun but also decentralized financial gaming experience. Players can earn MATA tokens by collecting, breeding, battling, etc. MATA is not only an in game currency but also a cryptocurrency on the market. A themselves as well as other in-game items such as real weapons, outfits, rooms and decor items… can be traded on the Market as NFTs. Grinding games makes players rarely entertained and contradictory to good game design.


For each cattribute, a possesses 3 genes. The primary gene (P), is the visible trait, the remaining two genes (H1, H2) are the hidden traits. Genes are either primary or hidden based on their location in the genome sequence. Primary gene has a higher chance of getting passed on offspring while hidden gene has a lower chance. The primary genes determine the cat’s appearance. The hidden traits aren’t visible in appearance but may get inherited by the offspring.

The game begins with a some simple objectives before introducing ways to manage in-game resources, unlockable elements and upgrades. Unlike other grinding games, idle Ninneko has natural pauses in game play where the users must wait for their strategy to take effect. It’s easier for users to have more sustainable usage habits when playing idle games, retaining them for longer.