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What Is Nfttone? (TONE) Complete Guide Review About Nfttone.

What Is Nfttone?

Nfttone Coin is a decentralized NFT marketplace empowering artists and fans to connect with each other to partner and market limited edition music and audio NFT’s. Within the ecosystem, musicians are able to upload, mint, market and distribute music and albums within the NFTTONE marketplace without the need for agents, or middlemen while providing fans and curators the ability to listen, own, trade and share music in a partnership with the musician, all powered and tracked on the blockchain.

Based on statistics, music artists earn approximately only 12% of the revenue generated in the industry. The fact is, 90% of revenue is shared amongst 1% of the top music artists which we view as uncredited and unjust. NFT TONE will be a decentralized and social marketplace where music artists will be able to interact with their admirers in revolutionary ways. With NFT TONE, content creators can efficiently and effectively upload their music and get paid directly by their fans and followers. 

Nfttone Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNfttone Coin
Short NamePLA
Circulating Supply
Total Supply50,000,000,000
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  • Easy creations of NFTs that are sold or auctioned to supporters and investors.
  • Ensured provenance and authenticity.
  • Secure transactions between artists and fans/investors.
  • Partnership with decentralized storage provider(s) to retain high quality and ecient delivery of uploaded content.
  • Remarkably ecient token economy powered by the NFT TONE platform token ($TONE) along with stable-coins and FIAT.
  • Rewards holders of ($TONE) & also artists for all transactions (tax) on the platform.
  • Revolutionary marketplace.

Strengthening The Relationship With Fans

Nfttone allows fans to own rare collectibles directly from their favorite musicians – from special, limited-edition music releases to concert tickets that provide undeniable proof that they attended a concert or special access to the artist, think of it as a lifetime VIP pass.  The collectible has a deeper meaning for the fan when it comes directly from the artist instead of a distribution platform. The result is a stronger relationship between the artist and the fan.

Collectors, Turning fans love of music into a investment strategy

Music fans who connected with a track or song, up until now, supported their musicians by simply adding their song to their playlists and attending their concerts, now with NFT TONE, fans can purchase and own music from their artist that they feel will have mass appeal, and hold that contract as an investment to either sell it to another fan for profit, or to hold as a collectible.  Owning limited edition music offered directly from the artist is the ultimate flex!


NFTs give artists 100% ownership and rights to their music. Nfttone Coin offer a massive advantage to the current music industry model by completely leveling the playing field, artists can now go around the middlemen and interact with their fans directly.


Music-related assets within the world of crypto represent an untapped market with a huge potential. The music industry needs innovation and easier ways for musicians to control both their intellectual property and earnings. This will make it possible for new (and old) talents to be discovered on a decentralized marketplace which will help them to earn money and fulfil their dreams, both at an earlier stage. As of today, the music industry operates from the “top-down”. The goal is to make it “bottom-up”.


The evolution of Nfttone current $TONE, MNT (Music NFT Token) is the next phase of the token development that will further facilitate the purchase and selling of MUSIC NFTs on the NFT TONE platform. Further, MNT will continue to provide holders with benefits through tokenomics. NFT TONE will reopen defi use cases such as staking and begin researching community benefits such as governance and specific music use cases such as facilitating the distribution of royalties and streaming music.

What happens with my $Tone?

If you got in early with TONE, consider yourself in the white-listed presale for $MNT. Once the new coin is available for presale, your coins will be migrated into MNT. (If your wallet holds 0.1% of TONE it will be 0.1% of MNT).

Once Nfttone Coin all investors have migrated or the time elapsed to migrate, the liquidity of TONE will be transferred out, through a series of buybacks at the market, further adding to the value of MNT.