What Is NFTPunk (NFTPUNK2.0)? Complete Guide Review About NFTPunk.

What Is NFTPunk (NFTPUNK2.0)?

This project will show the best NFT technology and activity in BSC. The final purpose of NFTPUNK2.0 is the BSC Marketplace and Real NFT Gallery that can be redistributed to holders. Binance Smart Chain’s network is the second largest network after Ethereum. It is popular for its numerous transactions due to its fast networks and low fees. Currently, NFT is quite popular among Cryptos.

It can be utilized for art, games, and so forth with endless usability. NFTPunk manifest NFT ART only with Pixel and through 5,000~10,000 arbitrary draws and after randomly drawing 5,000 to 10,000 lots with MINT, it will be activated to enable transactions in the Marketplace. In early stages, pictures composed of PIKA-LABS’s 30×30 / 36×36 pixels will be only available in the transaction but after that, anyone will be able to upload.

NFTPunk Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNFTPunk
Short NameNFTPUNK2.0
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
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Pixel Market Place

In the marketplace of NFTPunk, only NFT ART with 30×30/36×36 pixels can be uploaded to the marketplace. Currently, multiple MINT project teams directly issue 1,000 ~ 10,000 pieces randomly. However, as doing so may collapse your identity standards, they may evaluate the NFT Layer directly to assist with the issuance. Such a method may change in the future, but as 30×30 / 36×36 is your identity, it will surely be maintained. They look forward to gaining popularity in BSC like CryptoPunk in Ethereum.

Countless people have selected Marketplace, one of the online platforms, to
purchase and sell NFT. This may seem very simple, or very difficult. One thing we know for sure is that if a mistake occurs, the assets will be lost and impossible to find. In the marketplace, NFTPunk engage in transactions and wait in possession of the only thing for sale. This is what makes it different from the original art piece.

However, NFTPunk will create an NFT Gallery. Gallery has the same meaning as an actual art gallery. Originally, an art gallery exhibited famous paintings by
artists. Though drawn digitally, NFT has inherent value which desire to show case in an actual museum. In the NFT Gallery, multiple paintings of 30×30
/ 36×36 on digital screens will be displayed.

The paintings in Marketplace can be observed in the art gallery, and if one could see the paintings of an actual art gallery on the internet, that would be a wonderful thing! Just imagine. For instance, a famous art piece is being exhibited in an art gallery in Tokyo. A foreign investor, in order to purchase the painting, is required to board an aircraft to come to Tokyo.

In certain situations, such as the recent pandemic, it is difficult to do so and also quite inefficient. However, now, you do not need to go directly to the Tokyo art gallery to see its art. If there is an NFT Gallery in Tokyo and the same NFT Gallery is in Paris, France, it is possible for French people to directly purchase the paintings being exhibited in Tokyo art gallery in France’s NFT Gallery.

NFT Game – PUNK WORLD (Metaverse)

There are four main features in Punk World. They are Gambling, Gallery, Land,
and Play To Earn. Here, It is possible to purchase and sell all assets through NFT here, but in order for you to directly participate in the economy, you must purchase land, buildings, and NFTPunk. All of this is created via the world of


Though Marketplace and MINT already exist, it is possible for you to enjoy
casinos for bigger scale of gambling and fun. If you succeed in gambling, a big sound and visual effects will appear for others to see. In order to participate here, NFTPunk tokens are required.

In the gallery, NFT Pixel Art is exhibited. Only the Legendary is showcased here. In the real-life Gallery, only Legendary can be displayed. In this economy, real-life galleries and Metaverse galleries share the same system. Participate in Metaverse and purchase NFT Art.


In Punk World, land and houses exist. Here, you can exchange land and house
at the marketplace with NFT but it is also possible for you to participate in the economy further with the tokens. After purchasing a better land and a better house, you can exhibit NFT Art and incorporate a gambling system. As the owner, you can earn the commission fee from the economy as profits.

In a real-life NFT gallery, if you purchase a NFT digital painting, that person can display the digital painting at home and possess a blockchain NFT proof of work. If you sold the painting but the person hangs it on his house’s wall, you know what that means. It is a fake without certification.

What is NFT 2.0?

NFTPunk put so much concern to our new idea for NFT 2.0. Previous NFT(non-fungible token) was saved by only using the Blockchain, and it will still remain this way. But, this is a different story if it is displayed at art gallery. They think your artwork is valued by its visible and traces of time. Do you know that famous NFT writers draw one digital picture and input #100 and duplicate & attach #100 more. This is how they progress their work. They feel very unpleasant with this method, and decided to check the trace of actual art gallery.

This is NFT 2.0. By using public art, it is possible to use the art gallery and earn profits by using the token. This is similar with current reality of Defi. If proceeding public art, NFT must be Burn to progress NFT. If you wish to sell NFT by issuing, they have to lock the progress. This is called Locked Art. The art gallery will certify this and publish NFT. If the owner of the NFT loses the Private Key, they will proceed incineration of the Locked Art in the art gallery.