What Is Nft20? (MASK20) Complete Guide Review About Nft20.

What Is Nft20? (MASK20) Complete Guide Review About Nft20.

What Is Nft20?

Nft20 is a living digital art collectible created by over 70 artists globally. It is a collection of 16,384 unique digital portraits. Brought to you by Suum Cuique Labs from Zug, Switzerland.
By holding the artwork, you accumulate the NCT token on a daily basis, which allows you to choose a name for your portrait on the Ethereum blockchain. This is your opportunity to be among the first to participate in one of the largest collaborative NFT art projects in existence.

Nft20 Storage Key Points

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Coin NameNft20
Short NameMASK20
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The Next Generation of Digital Art Collectibles

Nft20 Coin introduces a combination of digital art and collectibles with a value hierarchy determined by both the creator and the consumer of the artwork. Unlike other collectibles, where the rarity of all traits is set out by the creators, Hashmasks have included two layers of scarcity: It provides a set of traits to provide general guidance to the consumer, but it has also created many implicit traits not accounted for. Above all, the control over the rarest of all traits – the name – is given to the full extent to the consumer.

Naming is commoditized via the Name Change Token (NCT), which can be interchanged with other participants of the artwork. Each name is unique and can only belong to one NFT. Hashmasks is the first collectible where the value and rarity of each piece within the collection is not predetermined, but will change and adapt over many years before it takes its final form when the last NCT is burnt.

How it works

There is a total of 16,384 unique Hashmasks. Each of them is created by a combination of several different artists. They have varying masks, eye colors, items and other attributes. Which means: All Hashmasks are rare, but some are rarer than others.

To Nft20 ensure a fair distribution, the user will not know what Hashmask they purchase for the first 14 days of the sale. All NFTs are already generated, but not indexed yet. There is a predetermined sequence of Hashmasks, but which one will be the first will only be determined at the end of the sale using a random mechanism on-chain. This method guarantees a fair distribution. Due to expected high demand during the initial distribution period, we decided to limit a maximum of 20 per transaction.

The Rules

  • No name can be identical
  • There is a limit of 25 symbols (including spaces)
  • Uniqueness is case insensitive (i.e. «John» and «john» are considered the same for the blockchain)
  • There are no leading or trailing «spaces»
  • Only alphanumerical symbols are eligible for use
  • Used names become available immediately after the name of the NFT was changed

Immortalize yourself on-chain

Nft20 Coin You are not simply buying a piece of rare art. You are part of the art piece. The smart contracts allow you to assign a name to your giving you the ability to add your unique stroke to the canvas. Thus, you become one of the founding creators that shaped this raw canvas into a timeless work of art. Your NFT can serve as your digital identity as they shift towards a fully digital economy.

Introducing the NCT

Each day, 10 Name Change Tokens (NCTs) are accumulated by each and can be claimed by the current holder. When you have 1,830 NCTs (about ½ years worth of NCTs), you can burn these tokens and change the name of your on-chain. The smart contracts require each name to be unique, thus, creating a second layer of scarcity within the artwork. After exactly 10 years, on 26 January 2031 (Timestamp: 1927206000), the last NCT will be emitted and from then on, the supply will only decrease until one day, the last NCT token is burnt and the art piece is complete.

Any participant during the first 14 days of the contribution period will receive 1 years worth of NCTs (3,660 NCTs, the equivalent of 2 name changes). After the 14 days, each Hashmask will start with enough supply for a single name change (1,830 NCTs).