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What Is Nezuko Inu (NEZUKO)? Complete Guide Review About Nezuko Inu.

What Is Nezuko Inu (NEZUKO)?

The Nezuko Inu Governance Council will direct votes either to JPG holders or INDEX holders depending on the governance topic. The Council will consist of 3 members from Index Coop and 2 members elected by token holders. Council members will serve 6 months terms. Token holders will vote on the rebalancing and the recomposition of the index, according to voting options circumscribed by the Council.

As with all of your indices, Nezuko Inu is fully collateralized and redeemable at any time for the underlying tokens. In addition PUNK and SOCKS tokens can be further redeemed for the underlying NFTs, if the holdings are large enough.

Nezuko Inu Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNezuko Inu
Short NameNEZUKO
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Are there any liquidity mining incentives for JPG?

Yes, there will be a 30-day raffle where LPs will be entered into a daily raffle to win an NFT of the Collectors. The Nezuko Inu must be held continuously throughout the previous day to enter the raffle. There is no need to stake your LP or claim your NFT. Winners will automatically receive the NFT as an airdrop. Note that only Uniswap v3 and Gelato-UNI LPs are eligible. The minimum LP size is 0.01 ETH.

What happens when/if one of the vaults are auctioned?

Certain components of Nezuko Inu contain NFT collections which may go to auction. In the event of an auction, the price action would become very volatile until the auction is completed.The price will become very volatile during the auction since liquidity providers of the underlying components may remove their liquidity in order to avoid interfering with the auction bidding. As a result, certain price feeds for the token could stop which would temporarily impact the index token spot price until the auction is completed.

Also the inability for arbitrageurs to mint and redeem the token due to the lack of underlying liquidity could cause substantial price Nezuko Inu deviation. Index Coop will communicate the start and outcome of any auction. At the end of a successful auction, the index will claim the auction proceeds. The proceeds would then be reallocated according to JPG governance.

What is icETH?

The Interest Compounding Nezuko Inu enhances staking returns with a leveraged liquid staking strategy. Built on Set’s battle-tested leverage token infrastructure, icETH multiplies the staking rate for stETH while minimizing transaction costs and risk associated with maintaining collateralized debt in Aave. Token holders retain spot exposure to ETH and amplify staking returns up to 2.5x. Staking is not currently supported for icETH. Token holders do benefit from the staking rewards inherent to the underlying stETH postion.

Because the collateral balance is expected to gradually appreciate relative to debt, the index will rebalance infrequently when the leverage ratio falls below the minimum threshold. Expected frequency is every 3 to 4 months. Drop into the Index Coop Discord Server and search for the Nezuko Inu channel in the Products category. This is the fastest way to have a real person answer any questions you have.

Product Launch Process

Adding new products is the most complex, time consuming and critical part of the Index Coop’s operations. When they get it right grow the coops Nezuko Inu, cash flow, and reputation. If get it wrong are risking the long term success of the coop. This document is part of the systems that will manage this process. This document seeks to provide clarity, criteria, and process by which the community may propose and evaluate certain opportunities.

As a community, one of your core values is growth and continuous improvement so they will be iterating on processes here in order to adapt them to the current state of Nezuko Inu, improvements in on-chain governance, and the scale of your community.

Increasing Amount of Capital Managed by Index Cooperative

Index Cooperative is an asset manager creating structured products to provide unique risk/return opportunities for your customers. Your most analogous Nezuko Inu institution is BlackRock. As an asset manager, your success and leadership in the market is determined primarily by the amount of capital control. While there are certainly important secondary characteristics, your TVL is a proxy for trust, brand power, and monetization opportunities.

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