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Nexcess Web Hosting Review: Build Better Sites and Stores With Fully Managed.

About Nexcess

Nexcess know that requirements change as your business grows. Your on-demand Container services layer lets you add services to your Cloud accounts, including as Elasticsearch, Apache Solr, and Varnish. These cloud Containers live inside the Nexcess Cloud adjacent to your existing services. They can be deployed in seconds, are fully managed by our beyond management team, and are accessible over a secure cloud-only container network. PCI compliance keeps your store secure so you can process credit card information safely. Tightened network and data security procedures mean that’s easier than ever before with Nexcess.

Customers prefer to purchase from stores they can trust. PCI compliance is a mark of that trust. PCI DSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) lets buyers know you’re following industry standards for the secure processing, storage, and transmission of cardholder data. Nexcess is a PCI DSS Level 1 provider across all hosting solutions. They provide a fully PCI compliant data center and can help merchants become compliant as well. Don’t go it alone. Your compliance experts can help secure your store, manage access control, and guide you towards becoming a PCI compliant merchant.

Some Quick Facts Nexcess Web Hosting

NexcessBasic Details
Hosting NameNexcess
Call Support1-800-765-472
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Nexcess Price

The fastest & easiest way to create an online store with WordPress

Create the store of your dreams today – all without writing a single line of code.

Enjoy all the stellar benefits of your Managed WooCommerce experience plus:

  • Beautiful & customizable designs
  • Premium, curated Woo plugins
  • Automatic updates & maintenance
  • Security & performance monitoring
  • 24/7/365 support

Content & commerce Platforms

All they do – your technology, your security, your people – is designed to keep you online when everything is on the line. They’re more than just hosting. And they won’t let you down. Nexcess’ Managed Magento is saving time and for me, time is money. I would rather spend that time taking care of requests or new requirements that will drive business for them.

Migrations are free and easy + not scary + worthwhile

Nexcess website migration experts will work with you FREE of charge to make sure your website migration is worry free. No one knows the applications you’re working on like do and managed website migration services are designed with you in mind. Managed WooCommerce on Nexcess is the high-performance platform you need if you’re running a serious WooCommerce shop. Their Managed WooCommerce hosting scales for $5M+ online stores so for your clients that need that kind of power, Nexcess is the partner trust to take care of business.

What Is a Stack?

In hosting, a stack is a system of software designed to run on a server and support a website. It consists of an operating system, a web server, a database, and a programming language. Without a stack, you wouldn’t be able to support and serve a website. A stack is one of the fundamental mechanisms underlying modern web development. You can configure your PHP version through the Client Portal. Get in touch and your team will help you to get started.

The Nexcess Application Stack

Grow with an open-source platform built on OpenStack and designed from the ground up. The Nexcess Cloud is reliable, redundant, and scalable to customer solutions of all sizes. Deliver assets near-instantly to your end-users with NGINX an open-source, high-performance HTTP server. Positioned in front of your applications, NGINX is configured to perform short-lived, in-memory caching of frequently used assets. Combine industry standard application compatibility and increased performance with a lower memory footprint, by using the latest version of the Apache web server for application delivery.

Powered by Server Side Scripting

Utilize a memory-backed data store that can be used as an application cache and message broker. The Nexcess Cloud includes a carefully tuned Redis instance designed for application caching and acceleration. Utilize a memory-backed data store that can be used as an application cache and message broker. The Cloud includes a carefully tuned Redis instance designed for application caching and acceleration. Run a carefully tuned and tested configuration of MariaDB: an open-source enhanced version of MySQL database server, written by the original creators of MySQL.


Nexcess Team
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