What Is Nexalt? (XLT) Complete Guide Review About Nexalt.

What Is Nexalt? (XLT) Complete Guide Review About Nexalt.

What Is Nexalt ?

Nexalt is beautiful blend of blockchain technology and mass marketing. It follows Scrypt algorithm and presents solution to many drawbacks of MLM. Nexalt sprouts out lots of opportunities for everyone who wants to be a part of this revolution. MLC (Multi-Level Coin) is an example showing the combo power. Nexalt will target marketing companies to embed its decentralized and secured mass marketing and referral solutions for payment and transactional purposes. It aims to target platforms and e-commerce stores that accept electronic payments to use its Open source POS with XLT payment gateway.

Nexalt Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNexalt
Short NameXLT
Circulating Supply28,140,165.49 XLT
Total Supply28,140,165
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How it works?

Get Sponsor key

Nexalt Coin has created a highly interlinked community through referral link or sponsor keys. Get a sponsor key from any existing user to join the network.

Join the Network

Download core wallet according to your system specification like Mac or Windows 32 bit or 64 bit, from our official website and install.


Nexalt Once you download and install the core wallet, you become eligible for stacking XLT in personal or by joining pools.

Entire network earn

The mining reward is distributed among the miner, master node and sponsors in upline upto 10 levels.

Nexalt Ecosystem

Proof of Network

Nexalt introduces the concept of MLC coin by merging mass marketing and blockchain technology. To make the system secure against money laundering introduces Proof of Network. Each new user can join the system only through a sponsor link.

Multi-Level Coin

Nexalt Coin merged MLM with blockchain technology and introduced the first-ever MLC coin. Its total supply is bounded up to 100,800,000. This network will not accept newly generated tokens without upline validators. The purpose of these upline validators is to restrict the misuse of freshly developed coins.

Master Node

Nexalt introduces the latest concept of master node. A master node is a server that underpins a blockchain’s network. It helps to strengthen the network infrastructure and economics as well. It also assists in eliminating the 51% attack.

Real MLM

Nexalt Real MLM plans provide effective advertisement solution and distribute the benefits to entire network that is the true sense of mass marketing.

  •  Selling real products (mostly manufactured/produced or developed in house and unique)
  •  100% real cost due to its uniqueness and available everywhere at the same rate.
  •  Real MLM is providing safeguard to its clients. If you are not satisfied you can return back to the company and get your money back under reasonable commercial terms.
  •  The companies must not misrepresent the scheme as get-rich-quick opportunities, and should not use fraud, coercion, harassment, or unconscionable means to force people to join the scheme. Instead, the companies should focus their efforts on promoting the quality and features of the products.
  •  it is all right for a salesperson to share commissions from several layers of salespersons recruited. However, such commissions must be generated by sale of the product/service.

Ponzi MLM

Ponzi MLM plans maltreat the real sense of MLM and restrict the benefits only to the early birds and deprive the new users of benefits.

  •  Selling fake products (mostly not produced/developed in house and also not unique. There is no product except a fake investment)
  •  Fake Products have no any value because they can get same items 90% cheaper in market
  •  There is no safeguard in Ponzi schemes. Once you are involved you can’t give them back and should have to sell products/investments to get your own money/profits.
  •  Companies are mis-presenting their scheme as you will be rich in a couple of nights and try to use any illegal methods to market their fake products.
  •  Ponzi schemes mostly share commissions from investments of the persons which invest in their cheaper products. As it’s not a useful product, they start getting lost soon.