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What Is New Earth Order Money (NEOM)? Complete Guide Review About New Earth Order Money.

What Is New Earth Order Money (NEOM)?

New Earth Order Money Blockchain Technologies provide blockchain based transparent, secure, auditable data and makes it possible to save and transfer. This technology helps organizations to be more transparent, secure, efficient, and decentralized. Users can lock up collateral and issue Vesta’s stable coin VST to their own Ethereum address, and subsequently transfer those tokens to any other Ethereum address.

New Earth Order Money individual collateralized debt positions are called vaults. Similarly, a vault’s accumulated gains from liquidations are automatically applied to the vault when the owner performs any operation – e.g. adding/withdrawing collateral, or issuing/repaying VST.

New Earth Order Money Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNew Earth Order Money
Short NameNEOM
Circulating Supply170,954.00 NEOM
Total Supply203,000,000
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According to a report of The World Bank, (2020), migrant workers transferred $650 Billion to their families and countries, and they paid a $25 billion remittance fee. The average cost of these transfers was 8.35%. New Earth Order Money Blockchain Technologies allows migrant workers transfer assets to their countries instantly and with 0% commission.

Construction workers

Migrant construction workers transfer an average of $650 billion to their families and countries annually. They pay a remittance fee of approximately $25 billion for asset transfers annually. Neom Blockchain Technologies solves this problem instantly, quickly, and reliably with 0% commission. The biggest problem of migrant construction workers is transferring assets to their families and countries.

With your blockchain-based technology, they are solving the biggest problem of migrant workers, who have to migrate all over the world under difficult conditions due difficult living conditions in their countries. They came together to solve the problems that arise from the changing conditions of the Global Economy and the New World with blockchain technology.

Earn Risk-Minimized Yield

New Earth Order Money Provide liquidity on VST liquidity pools to earn your fair share of the protocol’s fees, through various reward programs. Participate in the future of the protocol by voting in community decisions with your VSTA. If the liquidated debt is higher than the amount of VST in the Stability Pool, the system tries to cancel as much debt as possible with the tokens in the Stability Pool, and then redistributes the remaining liquidated collateral and debt across all active vaults. Anyone may call the public function, which will check for under-collateralized vaults, and liquidate them. Alternatively they can call with a custom list of vault addresses to attempt to liquidate.

Liquidation gas costs

New Earth Order Money Currently, mass liquidations performed via the above functions cost 60-65k gas per vault. Thus the system can liquidate up to a maximum of 95-105 vaults in a single transaction. The precise behavior of liquidations depends on the ICR of the vault being liquidated and global system conditions the total collateralization ratio (TCR) of the system, the size of the Stability Pool, etc. Here is the liquidation logic for a single vault in Normal Mode and Recovery Mode represents the VST in the Stability Pool.

The total Stability Pool VST is offset with an equal amount of debt from the vault. A fraction of the vault’s collateral (equal to the ratio of its offset debt to its entire debt) is shared between depositors. The remaining debt and collateral (minus ETH gas compensation) is redistributed to active vaults. Stability Pool depositors gain deposited collateral over time, as liquidated debt is cancelled with their deposit. New Earth Order Money When they withdraw all or part of their deposited tokens, or top up their deposit, the system sends them their accumulated gains.

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