What Is New BitShares (NBS)?

What Is New BitShares (NBS)? Complete Guide Review About New BitShares.

What Is New BitShares (NBS)?

New BitShares is an OSS (open source solution) of DEFI (decentralized finance) and DEX (decentralized exchange) based on DPOS consensus and DAO management structure. NBS uses the advanced graphene underlying technology in the blockchain world to build a fast and stable decentralized exchange and decentralized financial platform. NBS has completed the establishment of efficient DEX and DEFI financial systems, and innovatively created the application of stable coin , realized gold standard and coin standard mining and referral mining a win-win community financial ecology.

The next step will continue to focus on the development of blockchain DEX and DEFI projects. The transaction data on the blockchain is displayed to users through the mobile phone wallet port and the COMPUTER UI port, which is easy to understand, intuitive and smooth. All data is transparent and traceable , and the data on the chain cannot be tampered with or rolled back, which eliminates various hidden dangers of centralization in the CEX market.

New BitShares Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNew BitShares
Short NameNBS
Circulating Supply2.61B NBS
Total Supply3,600,000,000
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Community form

New BitShares community is composed of blockchain enthusiasts and financial investors from all over the world, especially the council with strong cohesion. The DAO governance mode is adopted to ensure that investors truly become the masters of NBS and realize efficient, scientific and democratic blockchain decentralized system.

Dev Concept

Adhering to the of “using DeFi for win-win, reconstructing public chain economic ecology, using intensive and high efficiency, realizing DEX for universal benefit application”. Concept, on the basis of decentralized protocol, construct high-quality DEFI and DEX service platform. Focus on the common interests and the aggregation of diversified resources.

Graphene architecture

New BitShares architecture is one of the major technologies in the current blockchain field, this technology making blockchain applications have higher transaction throughput, powerful and stable architecture, It’s the pioneer of blockchain technology. On the NBS chain, users can issue their own tokens, assets, and certificates very conveniently and at a very low fee. For the assets issued on the NBS chain, the issuer can adjust more than 20 functional parameters. easy to operate, satisfy the needs of different asset types, and to boost the chain economy and the real economy.

Mining ecology

Investors can participate in inner market mining as long as they have NBS, CNY. The mining pool implements the same regular halving model as BTC, which is permanent and sustainable. There are three mining methods gold standard, coin standard, and referral, which are ecologically scientific, rich, closed, and sustainable. New BitShares The NBS community itself is a decentralized DPOS consensus mechanism that allows any organization to vote and execute custom assets or activities. With the weight of one coin and one vote for core tokens, NBS holders can freely decide whether to support the community development program or not. 

Stable, safe and fast

New BitShares The development team and community members build distributed network nodes around the world to ensure the stability, security and speed of the public network. The community continues to recruit development and management operations talent, and these talents are the strong backing of the platform. NBS is a decentralized exchange, can trade all kinds of virtual assets, by applying extensions can also provide mobile platform for physical bills or points, it is worth noting that the data saved in blockchain, and the user interface is similar to a centralized exchange, this scenario caters to user groups who have fair and disclosure expectations for transactions.

Advanced account

The New BitShares blockchain system has a complete account model, from single account to multi-signature account, from capital control to account control, and it’s suitable for enterprise authorization business. NBS has DEFI attribute, can be based on the core assets of NBS mortgage operations, such as stability of anchor currency lending, using chain intelligence assets of all kinds of function, can realize mortgage, lending, pawning, installment and efficient financial services, decentralized chain.

Customize assets

New BitShares Any individual or institution can issue custom assets in the NBS system. The issuer can adjust and set up to more than 20 functional parameters, simple to operate, satisfy the needs of different asset types, and carry out settlement and management of various markets on the chain. Boost the on-chain economy and the real economy.