Neunet Ico Review – An intelligent matching platform

Neunet Ico Review

About Neunet

Idea by Design (ideaXdesign) is developing Neunet, an intelligent matching platform which will help accelerate the recruitment process for startups, hiring managers, and talent globally utilizing artificial intelligence technology. Neunet application will be able to better match talent to opportunities and match opportunities to users, than what currently exists. This will be done by using recurrent neural networks methods (AI) in combination with the traditional statistical analysis to better perform these actions. The goal, to cut down on the time and resources required to find the right talent and the right employment opportunities.

Neunet Key Information

Token NameNeunet
ICO start22nd Nov 2017
ICO end8th Dec 2017
Price in ICO0.0800 USD
Tokens for sale425,000,000
AcceptingETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO85%
Token SymbolNEN
Soft cap10,000,000 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind Neunet

Neunet Ico Review - An intelligent matching platform

Token distribution per continent

Neunet plans even allocation of tokens correlated to each club team, 50 Million tokens each, with an initial availability of 25 million for fan acquisition, 25 million to stay in reserve. Initially, UssCyber focus will be on tokens correlated only to clubs performing at the Major league level A and B according to their countries. Total amount of tokens if all eventually issued: 138 billion. At the WFCE™ network, the platform permits trading sports fan tokens. The platform is able to tokenize various sports.

World Of Sports Coin Exchange

Neunet platform was created to operate primarily in the cloud: a globally distributed system of sophisticated technologies, algorithms, and solutions–Cloud API’s, Bots, AI cognitive systems, modern security systems, WSCE™ proprietary algorithms, Smart Contracts, and WSCE™ Blockchain. With two customer service portals, three channels, a publicly accessible site, ultra-secure trading, and management platforms that are both responsive and mobile-friendly, UC has created a state-of-the-art user experience. Plus providing a Mobile app version for most modern smartphones and an essential Client Wallet application.

Macroverse Technology

Players can claim virtual real estate in the Macroverse world by recording their claims with the Neunet Registry, a smart-contract-based ownership tracking system. Once claimed, players are free to transfer their real estate holders to other players, or even to custom smart contracts. Players own their virtual real estate outright, independent of any centralized entity or game company. When on-chain game logic needs access to information about the game world, it queries the MG for that information.

Neunet project is not a common enterprise

It is a project of Novak Distributed alone. Novak Distributed is undertaking the development of the Neunet system independent of the sales performance of MRV tokens, and that development plan will not be meaningfully different depending on the number of MRV tokens sold. There are a number of risks involved in the Neunet project, including without limitation security risks to the Macroverse smart contracts, the risk that Macroverse development will not be continued, and the risk that the Macroverse system will not operate as described here, any of which may prevent an owner of MRV tokens from actually using Macroverse.

Uses of cryptocurrency

  • Membership: Users will have to buy once they sign up to the platform. For companies, they are going to charge $9.99 worth of a company tokens and for individuals they will pay in their currency of choice but equivalent to $1.99 USD worth of tokens for an annual subscription which the tokens will be deposited into their account.
  • Messaging/Application: For companies they will be able to post their employment opportunities for free. When they wish to message individuals on the platforms they will have to send the recipient $0.50 worth of tokens which we receive a 10% transaction fee. If the recipient doesn’t respond within 72 hours the funds will be allocated back to the sender. For individuals applying to an employment opportunity they will have to send the employer $1.00 worth of tokens which they receive a 10% transaction fee. If the recipient doesn’t respond within 72 hours the funds will be allocated back to the sender.
  • Listing and employment opportunity: For individuals listing opportunities on the platform they will have to pay $5.00 worth of tokens. There will be an added feature to have priority searches and sponsored searches which will also come with a fee.