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Network solutions Web Hosting Review: It all begins with a domain.

About Network solutions

A personalized business website is the first step to getting your business online. Network solutions provide everything from simple do-it-yourself builders to custom-built advanced websites with all the bells and whistles. That means you can choose the right website for your business and your budget. When building your online presence, it is also important that you factor in search engines and how people use them. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the only ways people who don’t already know your business can find it online. Without keywords and search engine optimization, customers and clients can only find you by searching for your exact business name or web address, or by searching on social media.

That means you miss out on thousands of searches about your products and services every month that take place in Google, Bing, etc. They provide SEO services for all different types of businesses to allow you to target local, national and international search engines. Once you have your website created and optimized for search engines, you need to look into digital marketing to amplify your online presence. When a new business goes online, it has to compete with older websites who have already worked to secure their space and ranking in the search engines. These websites once started where you are today but invested in marketing campaigns to find new customers.

Without marketing, your potential customers have to do a lot of work to find your business. You are asking customers to search through all of the other businesses who do market themselves online and have been doing so for years, to find your company and use you. Online marketing can take many forms. For local businesses with a storefront, they recommend social media marketing to drive clientele to you. Online ratings, engagement, and multiple social accounts factor into your overall local presence and they can help with all of that.

For online businesses that need new customer leads now, Network solutions recommend Network Solutions Pay-Per-Click services that allow you to set aside a budget and advertise your business in the first one to four ad slots on Google. That means showing up at the top of search engine results pages today! Get in touch with your customer service to get your business online right away.

Some Quick Facts Network solutions Web Hosting

Network solutionsBasic Details
Hosting NameNetwork solutions
Email SupportN/A
Call Support1-800-333-7680
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Network solutions Price

How can Network Solutions help me get new customers to my online business?

Whether you’re a new online business or you’ve been around for a few years, every business needs new customers. Network solutions here to help. Network has a variety of online marketing services to suit every type of business, big or small. Your specialized Pay-Per-Click (PPC) agents are trained to assist businesses with online advertising in Google. This service allows a business to choose specific keywords and appear in Google’s ad positions at the top of search pages for those queries. Your PPC services can work for businesses with any size budget, with campaigns locally, internationally or both.

Your Facebook Marketing specialists are trained to assist businesses with social media marketing and advertising. They can target specific people who have interests that match your services and market directly to them, on their personal social media pages. This form of marketing is very effective when paired with sales or discount offers. Often times, potential customers will “shop around” and look for the best deals on different platforms. Instead of waiting for them to find you, they bring them to you using engaging posts that describe your business.

Direct contact with customers from the business owner can add a personal touch to your social media pages, and potentially grow a more connected audience. Your social media marketing services give you the option to personally interact with customers if you choose. Ever wonder what people are saying about your business online? Network Solutions also offers Reputation Alert monitoring services to keep you in the know, every day.

There are so many ways that can work with you on your primary mission to get new customers online. So, if it’s not PPC or social media marketing, why not call and ask about your SEO or local business services? Network Solutions can help you grow your business, so reach out to today to get the conversation started.

Moving hosting services to Network Solutions

To move your hosting services to Network Solutions, you’ll first purchase a hosting package that meets your needs for the type of website you have. Once purchased, you will get the FTP credentials needed to move your website hosting. Now you can go ahead and download the content from your previous host to your local computer using an FTP application.

Once you have the content on your local computer, you can upload it to Network solutions. Keep in mind that if your website runs with a database that you will also need to transfer the database. Once you have completed this, you can assign your domain name to your hosting package and update the DNS for your domain to make your site live with Network Solutions.

Moving your security over to Network Solutions

Network solutions agents can assist you in moving your website security products to Network Solutions. First purchase the appropriate SSL certificate or SiteLock security product from Network Solutions. An online account manager can then walk you through the steps of validating the SSL certificate and having it installed on your Network Solutions hosting package.
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