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Netbreeze Web Hosting Review: Virtual Private Server.

About Netbreeze

The service involves the allocation of a virtual machine (based on the Linux kernel and based on VDSmanager+OVZ or KVM technologies) with a guaranteed amount of ordered system resources. Buying an SSL certificate will increase the security of transmitted data on your site and increase its position in search engines. A vacating domain is a domain name that has already expired, is in the renewal grace period by the current administrator, after which it will be completely removed from the registry and will be available for new registration by anyone.

Netbreeze vacant domain registration is an order to register a domain name that is not available for registration at the time of the order, but may become available in the near future. An application for registration of a vacant domain can be submitted from the moment of the expiration of its registration period (the “paid-till” field in the responses of the whois service).

Thousands of previously registered catchy and short domain names are released daily. Many of them already have direct type-in ​​traffic or good positions in search engines for key queries, so buying such a domain will be a great investment for both a large company and a small project. The new registration of such a domain immediately after its removal from the registry is technically similar to the initial registration of a new domain.

Some Quick Facts Netbreeze Web Hosting

NetbreezeBasic Details
Hosting NameNetbreeze
Price239 Р/мес.
Call Support+7 (495) 727-73-77
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Netbreeze Price

Immediately Transferred

Netbreeze are official partners of all the largest accredited domain name registrars, after receiving and paying for your order, an application for registering a vacant domain name is immediately transferred to all registrars available according to your chosen tariff plan (the exact number is indicated in Your billing), after which the system automatically monitors the status of your order and sends a notification if one of the bets is outbid.

In the event that your request to register a vacant domain is not successfully completed, the funds blocked on the order will be fully returned to your balance and can be used for new orders. In most cases, the return of unspent funds from the balance is possible by the same method by which the payment was made, minus the commission of the payment system or bank. You can get more detailed information upon request to the support service.

Transfer domain management

If the domain has been successfully registered with any of your registrars, then you can also manage it in our panel (Domains section). The renewal price is the same for all registrars – 399 rubles. – at this price, you can transfer domains from any registrars. If you wish, you can always transfer domain management directly to the registrar. Netbreeze the registration of a vacant domain is made on a first-come-first-served basis (the domain name is immediately registered to the client’s data at the time of deletion without any additional auction), an application can only be accepted after making a full prepayment in accordance with the selected tariff.

Enable monitoring

The application for registration of the same vacant domain can be accepted from several clients. After placing and paying for your order, all lower tariff plans will become inactive, but the other person will still be able to make a request for a higher tariff plan (in this case, your order will be canceled with a full refund to your balance), therefore, at the time of ordering, they recommend immediately choose the most suitable tariff for you. Netbreeze you do not want to freeze money at the minimum rate, then you can put the domain on monitoring in your service. To do this, make Whois of the domain you are interested in, click “Enable monitoring” and save your E-mail.

To use your service on your mobile phone, you need to install the Telegram app. This will allow you to place bids, view your order list, increase your rate and receive instant notifications if your bid has been outbid. After installation, enter the name of your bot @ExpiredBot in the search and click Start in it. The bot will write you a welcome message and a secret authorization code for your billing account, which you need to enter in the form of the Settings section (upper left corner). The Contact of domains must first be created and the balance replenished.

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