What Is Nervos.org? (CKB) Complete Guide Review About Nervos.org

What Is Nervos.org? (CKB) Complete Guide Review About Nervos.org

What Is Nervos.org?

The Nervos.org Network describes itself as an open-source public blockchain ecosystem and collection of protocols. The CKB (Common Knowledge Base) is the layer 1, proof of work public blockchain protocol of the Network. It reportedly allows any crypto-asset to be stored with the security, immutability and permission less nature of Bitcoin while enabling smart contracts and layer 2 scaling. It aims to capture the total network value through its “store of value” crypto-economic design and native token, the CKByte.

When blockchain first gained global traction, technologists rejoiced, enthusiasts invested, and the public paid attention; a path to the decentralized future had been cleared. 10 years later, much has changed. While progress toward global adoption is being furthered every day the path to getting there is less clear. Saddled with rigid frameworks, many once promising projects have hit a wall. Fragmentation has led to division in communities, putting them at odds instead of allowing them to combine their efforts and work together.

Nervos Coin At they believe the path forward lies in the ability of the network to adapt. Instead of dictating the rules from on high, they working with the community to build allowing the network to evolve alongside whoever is participating in it. they stand for permission less action and are designing the code and the communities to thrive, not split, as they add more voices. they believe that the only decentralized future is a flexible one, and are excited to see where open collaboration will take us. they are using the innovation as a catalyst for a more inclusive economy.

Nervos.org Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNervos.org
Short NameCKB
Circulating Supply24,727,858,684 CKB
Total Supply31,742,924,330
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Access to any asset, any Blockchain

Nervos.org Choose your interface, choose your crypto and stick with it, but still access the entire space. The frustration of multiple wallets, exchanges and seed phrases is no more with company.


Updating a cell’s data or transferring cell ownership incurs transaction fees. Miners can set the transaction fee level that they are willing to accept based on CKB VM cycles used and state changes in transaction verification, allowing the market to determine transaction fees. With the programming model described above, cell owners can also pay transaction fees on behalf of their users.

Operate dApps from any wallet or solution

Nervos Coin feel the power of Universal Apps as you navigate every one of them from your chosen solution. Nervos brings the dApp ecosystem to you, and your wallet.

Code with flexibility, bring dApps from anywhere

Build on Nervos and have the ability to target any Virtual Machine (VM). Port your dApp across with ease and instantly have access to the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Solutions for seamless scaling

Nervos.org Experience scalability in action with working, powerful, Layer 2 scaling solutions. Watch your projects scale straight away with the built-in power of these crafted solutions.


$CKB is a cryptocurrency that can be used as a secure store of value, like Bitcoin. It can also be a value token behind smart contracts, like ETH. Store, execute, and even rent space on the Blockchain with CKBytes.


Nervos Coin is a layered crypto-economy network that separates the infrastructure of a crypto-economy into two layers: a verification layer (Layer 1) and a generation layer (Layer 2) for high-performance transactions and privacy protection. Find out more about how these layers operate in this overview of the Common Knowledge Base,