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What Is Nami Inu (NAMI)? Complete Guide Review About Nami Inu.

What Is Nami Inu (NAMI)?

After refining Nami Inu, they intend to release the wallet as a phone application and a browser extension for personal computers. The wallet will have your DeFi exchange integrated into the phone application and allow users to easily purchase tokens using fiat without the 10% transaction tax. Then tokens can be used to exchange for other BSC tokens enabling mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Eventually, they will release a debit card, which will allow people to buy real-world items using Utopia tokens. In preparation for ETH 2.0 Nami Inu, they intend to launch a sister token of to utilize the better transaction fees and faster transactions offered by ETH 2.0. They will also expand your project and brand to the Ethereum network, and create a bridge between ETH and BSC.

Nami Inu Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameNami Inu
Short NameNAMI
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Utopia World

Nami Inu World will be an NFT based decentralized game. It will be a metaverse where players can battle, build, earn and trade using avatar-based NFTs called. The game will have a play-to-earn structure where players can have PVP battles with their to earn tokens, buy land, and sell their NFTs and other collectibles on a dedicated marketplace for the game. Players will be rewarded in a native token to the game separate from tokens for winning battles and selling collectibles. There will be an IGO (Initial Game Offering) to raise funds for development.


Nami Inu will be a decentralized online poker room. When the poker room is first built out, they will launch with both cash games and tournaments for Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi-lo. As continue development, they will incorporate other poker games into the platform. The poker room will accept deposits / withdrawals in BNB and UTP. Nami Inu with most poker rooms, there will be a rake (a tax paid to the house from each hand). Part of the rake will be donated to charity, and another part will be used to further develop Utopia.


During the first phase of the token’s life, there will be a 10% fee on most transactions. They intend to reduce your transaction fee in the future as your average daily volume increase. With large daily volumes, they will still extract a substantial amount of funds without the need for as high of a tax. A lower tax will also increase the utility of the token. The whitepaper provides information and material of general nature. You are not authorized nor should you rely on the whitepaper for legal advice, business advice, or advice of any kind. You act at your own risk in reliance on the contents of the whitepaper.

Should you decide to act or not act, you should contact a licensed attorney in the relevant jurisdiction in which you want or need help. In no way are the contributors to the whitepaper responsible for the actions, decisions, or other behavior taken or not taken by you in reliance upon the whitepaper.

Involvement Risks

You also agree that the team is presenting the token “as is” and is not required to provide any support or services. The team does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. Do conduct your due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any financial decisions. Nami Inu purchasing, you agree that you are not purchasing a security or investment, and you agree to hold the team harmless and not liable for any losses or taxes you may incur.

You agree that by purchasing or exchanging Utopia tokens you may not claim any tax, fee, reward or any transaction or activity from Nami Inu, nor any of the team members, nor any other third-party. Any functionality of the application, the Token as well as the Projects mentioned within the present whitepaper is of purely technical nature and not related to any legal claim of an token holder.

Limitation of Liability

Unless otherwise required by law, in no event shall the contributors to the whitepaper be liable for any damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, loss of use, loss of profits, or loss of data arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the whitepaper.

Future Statements

The team shall not guarantee the accuracy of the forward-looking statements outlined in this whitepaper. There may be matters in this whitepaper that are forward-looking statements. Such statements are subject to risks and uncertainty. Participants are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. Nami Inu actual results or events that transpire afterwards may be different from what is implied here.

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