What Is Museo (MSE)? Complete Guide Review About Museo.


What Is Museo (MSE)?

Museo is a network of user-owned and customized virtual reality Museo Spaces. Museo Spaces are a venue for users to display their NFTs and share them with others. Museo Spaces can be utilized as a private virtual reality hang out between friends or NFT owners can host public events. NFT owners can monetize their NFTs through charging an admission fee to their Museo Space. The development team is constantly releasing updates and new content. The value of Museo should only climb with each passing day. 

Museo offers a 2% reflection. This means that 2% of every transaction is redistributed to you, the investor! Long term holding will earn you passive income even if the value of $MSE dips slightly (unlikely). There are endless opportunities to leverage the concept behind Museo. Well known NFT creators can hold launch parties to build hype behind new releases. After the launch parties the crowd will head to a Museo Auction House to proceed with the sale of the NFT. ​

Don’t want to bid in VR? No problem! Museo Exchange will be available in browser as well. In fact, this marketplace will be released well before the virtual reality product. The browser-based availability will benefit NFT owners as this expands the potential pool of buyers. Download Trust Wallet on your phone. Add BNB (Smart Chain) to your wallet. Either buy directly on Trust Wallet or buy it from your favorite exchange and send it to your wallet.

Museo Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMuseo
Short NameMSE
Circulating Supply1.00B MSE
Total Supply951,868,955
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How to Buy on Chrome

  • Download the MetaMask Extension for Chrome: metamask.io/
  • Add BSC Mainnet to MetaMask: Instructions
  • Add BNB to your MetaMask Wallet. Either buy directly on Meta Mask or buy it from your favorite exchange and send it to your wallet.

How to Buy on Mobile

Follow these instructions to connect PancakeSwap to your Trust Wallet.Follow the same above instructions for using PancakeSwap with Meta Mask. If your Museo is not showing up in Trust Wallet, follow these instructions to add it. The symbol should be MSE and the decimal should be 18. This company began laying the groundwork for the firm. Getting the token off the ground in order to build a stream of income to fund the project was integral. As of the writing of this, they have a modest stream to begin work with. With this income they have hired 3D modelers to develop mock ups of Museo Spaces and commenced spending on marketing. 

Begin accepting $MSE as payment on Museo merch store

Launch virtual reality Museo Spaces for users to explore Listing on larger, mainstream exchanges. In phase two initiate the integration of cryptocurrency systems. They will begin accepting $MSE as payment on your website. This will form the basis for the NFT marketplace /auction house in phase three. They will also release the 3D models from phase one in virtual reality for users to explore.

Launch tool for users to mint their own NFTs

Museo will launch your browser-based NFT marketplace/auction house on the Museo website. They will also launch a tool for our users to mint their own NFTs. These tools will both eventually be integrated into your virtual reality product. Lastly, during phases one and two, they will be developing formal proposals for partnerships with pre-existing virtual reality firms (VRChat for example).

Release multiplayer beta of Museo

Phase four will commence with the formation of a partnership with an existing VR firm. Museo will integrate the technology they have built for Museo transactions, NFT minting, and NFT sales into virtual reality. Once complete, a beta version of Museo will be available for release to current holders of Museo. After this – there is nothing left to do but launch!