What Is Multipad? (MPAD) Complete Guide Review About Multipad. SolidETH

What Is Multipad? (MPAD) Complete Guide Review About Multipad.

What Is Multipad?

Multipad Coin is a community-governed decentralized multi-chain powered launchpad, enabling upcoming promising projects to raise funds. BinanceSmartChain/Polygon/Solana/ Avalanche/Cardano were chosen as the underlying blockchain to allow low-cost and high-speed transactions. They are a cross chain launchpad striving to become the ONE STOP launchpad incorporating all major blockchains under 1 roof.

MultiPad has a unique allocation model which solves low allocation and FCFS problems which other launchpads face. They will also partner with these projects and help them with marketing, go-to-market strategies, technical advice and assistance wherever needed.

Multipad Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMultipad Coin
Short NameMPAD
Circulating Supply19,904,442.00 MPAD
Total Supply100,000,000
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MultiPad System

As our tagline stands, at Multipad they are fully committed to the strong community and every decision is taken by keeping the interest of the community in mind. They are determined to change the way average crypto investors get into new crypto projects to give them the same advantages usually reserved for venture capitalists.

For this reason, strategic investment groups and VCs will pay the same token price as the IDO investors. They want to ensure that the concentration of power (to vote/stake/win allocations) is not only in the hands of seed investors, but every MPAD holder! Integrations with Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche and Cardano will allow for low-cost and high-speed transactions, with more chains to follow on the roadmap.


The current leading launchpads suffer from issues which inspired us to develop a fairer launchpad for all investors.

Guaranteed Allocations for whitelist winners

Tired of getting $20 allocations for your thousands invested? So are we! Multipad Coin aims to offer minimum guaranteed allocations of [$100] and as high as [$1000] for IDOs on our platform, as well as bad luck protection for lotteries to ensure everyone gets a fair chance in future IDOs. Then for the whales, staking a certain amount of MPAD puts you in the Elite tier – guaranteed allocations in every IDO on MultiPad!

One Token, Multiple Chains

Every major crypto project has a monopoly on a certain chain. In order to participate in different blockchains you need to hold different launchpad tokens. MultiPad solves all this. Holding MPAD enables you to participate in IDOs on BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana and Cardano.

Low Gas Fees

Multipad is concentrating only on low-fee blockchains to avoid high transaction fees. No more losing money for smaller investors due to high fees.

Benefits of holding $MPAD

Holding (and staking) a minimum of 20000 $MPAD tokens will grant the opportunity to whitelist for every IDO on every chain launching on Multipad. The more tokens you hold, the greater your chances of gaining a spot on the eventual whitelist. If you win the whitelist lottery, you will get guaranteed allocations—no first-come, first-served. And if you don’t win? The ‘Bad Luck Protection’ device will give you a bigger chance in the next lottery.


The native Multipad Coin MPAD token will launch on Binance Smart Chain and will be fully supporting Polygon based IDO projects right from launch. They are further positioning ourselves to be an option for as many new projects as possible. Further integrations will be with Solana, Avalanche, Cardano and other upcoming blockchains.

Committed to the community

Right from the beginning, where strategic investors and participants in the MultiPad public sale will pay the same token price of $0.05 for $MPAD. The IDO system is designed to benefit every category of investor joining us, meaning long term holders, liquidity providers, small as well as big amount holders.


Stake To Participate

The only way to participate in IDOs is by staking Multipad MPAD tokens to gain lottery tickets. Everybody who stakes MPAD will receive reasonable, guaranteed allocations, with bad luck protection to ensure profitability.

Farming Rewards

Liquidity providers will be able to generate additional rewards for contributing. Key pools will be incentivized with MPAD tokens.

Community Governance

The Multipad Coin community will vote for projects they want to be launched or for changes to the lottery modus operandi.