What Is Morpheus Labs (MITX)?

What Is Morpheus Labs (MITX)? Complete Guide Review About Morpheus Labs.

What Is Morpheus Labs (MITX)?

World-leading and most comprehensive blockchain development toolbox that is trusted by industry experts, educators, and enterprises. Enabling you to rapidly build blockchain applications with ease at fractional cost and time. Morpheus Labs BPaaS gives me the freedom to focus on my customer requirements and needs. I do not have to integrate or maintain the platform components on my own. This helps to save developers a lot of time. The ongoing enhancements of the platform features give us new opportunities to find the best solution to the customer’s requests and let us interoperate as well with already in place applications.

Morpheus Labs Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMorpheus Labs
Short NameMITX
Circulating Supply473,499,999.24 MITX
Total Supply705,999,995
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Application Library

Get useful resources with Morpheus Labs Application Library! Get access and download the code of a wide range of DApps to your Repository. Build on code that has been thoroughly tested by others to suit your specific needs. Developers get the smart contract-based incentive when they curate and publish their applications, which leads to an opportunity to commercialize and become a use case. Cypherium is pleased to announce its collaboration with HUAWEI CLOUD and Morpheus Labs to promote the adoption of enterprise blockchain using cloud services, particularly in Singapore’s.

Hello community, thank you for joining Morpheus Labs monthly AMA session. The October edition is a quick fire session compared to the rest of the other AMA. If you’ve joined in your previous community AMA, welcome back to another edition of the much-anticipated Telegram session in which your core team will answer. Hello community, thank you for joining your monthly AMA session. The October edition is a quick fire session compared to the rest of the other AMA.

Ready to Build Your First Web3 App?

Get Started With The Industry’s Best DApp Prototyping Platform! Choose from a wide array of Blockchains, Cloud Services and more with Morpheus Labs SEED. Morpheus SEED reduces the time-to-market of your blockchain solutions, which will be developed at a lower cost, as well as reduces delivery risk, or compatibility issues with various tools and services. Morpheus Labs SEED makes it easy to start building applications on a number of different chains. Such platforms will be among the main driving forces behind business adoption of blockchain and Web3.0.

Check out your dAPP Library

Jump start Dapp customisation with Morpheus Labs wide range of solutions available, contributed by our partners and users. With Morpheus Labs, Huawei is well poised to offer a suite of offerings to companies globally who wish to adopt Blockchain technology into their inventory or system. Morpheus SEED allows MLH workshop participants to breeze through the setup and jumpstart fast into doing what’s important; learning to build on ICON. The HUAWEI CLOUD x Morpheus Labs Launchpad provides two key benefits respectively Huawei will provide a wider audience network to proliferate the branding of 0Chain.


Morpheus Labs help PWC Singapore automate regulatory compliance management and compliance monitoring processes. They provided a combined, end-to-end, high-level solution to deliver smart compliance solutions speedily to continue shaping the Reg Tech industry, and transform the risk and compliance organisation. Morpheus SEED is the very best Web3.0 development Platform, it helps in the rapid and simplified blockchain development of Sleep Future. And provides a seamless ecosystem integration with blockchain protocols and advise on cost-effective token launch and GameFi solutions.

Vista Media Capital

A security mechanism for running separating programs to prevent system failures and/or software vulnerabilities from spreading, is proven to be extremely flexible and powerful for VMC to brand out to the different metaverse solutions. The integration with Morpheus can streamline efforts and accelerate time to market in many scenarios, which is important for the proliferation of Elrond tech.

It has been slightly over a year since the successful integration of ICON’s public blockchain with Morpheus SEED, your flagship BPaaS Platform which has been upgraded to version 2.0 recently. The integration with Morpheus Labs significantly simplifies the development process when building on the ICON blockchain.