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What Is Morcilla War (MOR)? Complete Guide Review About Morcilla War.

What Is Morcilla War (MOR)?

Morcilla War it’s an NFT game created and distributed under the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network in which you will have a chance to win money while having fun. Once you have purchased a card pack, you can be the lucky winner of one of your wonderful NFTs, in which there are seven kinds of rarities. These NFTs are pigs in card format, which can help you make money in different Game Modes and will become lifelong assets of yours, until you decide to transfer or sell them to someone else through your Marketplace.

The card in your possession can be checked in your inventory and you can see its experience, how much life you have left or how much stamina has available. This card could be used to make money through the different combats you can make against the villains and doing Staking to get experience, which will result in leveling it up and this will give you higher rewards on the different battles against those villains.

In case you don’t like the rarity of your card, you have the option to discard it from your Inventory, in order to get back a predetermined amount of tokens according to the rarity of the card. Or fusion it with another card of the same rarity to obtain superior rarities. Morcilla War will clarify this in detail in the following sections.

Morcilla War Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMorcilla War
Short NameMOR
Circulating Supply22,368,013.00 MOR
Total Supply96,542,384
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The card packs can be obtained with the game currency. The buy of common, epic and legendary card packs is limited and Morcilla War will keep adding them when they consider it. If you didn’t have the chance to get a card pack, you would be able to buy the NFT on the Marketplace. However, when these card packs are sold out you will be able to get a Normal Card Pack.This card pack it’s great to fusion and to help you level up the rarity of your NFTs. Coming up next, they can see three types of card packs with different probabilities and their price.

Illegal smuggling of NFT

The Marketplace will be the place where the illegal smuggling of NFT pigs will occur. Because of the felony of trafficking with these divine entities, you will have to pay a 5% commission of the value at which you sold them. Morcilla War if you sell an NFT on 30k Tokens, a total of 1500 tokens will automatically be deducted from your earnings. On the marketplace you will be able to sell and buy pigs, which will be cataloged by level and rarity, to make them easier to find. They will also be sorted by price. You can only sell NFT pigs that have all their energy. A tired pig or without 100% of its life cannot be sold.

Find incredible treasures

The first way of making money is Adventure Mode, in which you must send a team of up to four NFTs to investigate the terrible Morcilla War Land caves. These caves are plagued by natural traps and enemies, but you can find incredible treasures there. For the expedition will be taken into account the BP or BATTLE POWER of your NFT Pig. This Battle Power or BP will increase by raising up your NFT and it will also depend on its rarity.

The higher the BP, the more rewards you will get when completing this adventure and harder caves you will be able to explore. In Adventure mode you need 4 characters but you won’t consume their STAMINA to join. However, you will only be able to do 1 expedition per day. In case you have 8 pigs or more, you will be able to make an extra expedition with each group of 4 pigs you have not yet used. Upon successful completion of an expedition in Adventure Mode you will obtain Tokens and experience as a reward.

PVE Mode

To do so, you will choose one of your NFT pigs and will fight against one of the four bosses available. These enemies will have a variable difficulty and the reward will also depend on it when you defeat them. Each NFT pig has 4 stamina points and each combat wastes 1 of them. Because of this, each NFT pig has only four combats per day.

Once the STAMINA gets to 0, you have to wait until the next day for it to reload. This STAMINA is reloaded every day at 00.00 CET. The STAMINA limit is 4 points, so if you don’t play Morcilla War for a day, this will not accumulate. An NFT who has fought cannot be sold on the marketplace until it has his STAMINA full again.

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