What Is Moonshots Farm (BONES)? Complete Guide Review About Moonshots Farm.

Moonshots Farm

What Is Moonshots Farm (BONES)?

Moonshots Farm is the brand new fun way to freely farm trending new tokens every other day! Passively build a wide portfolio of potential x1000 moonshots, follow the communities and hope for high returns in future as your projects grow into the next SHIB/HEX/DOGE! As well as your Moonshots Farm Moonshots Farm project aims to be the hub for fun similar farm games, including Farmhouse, the highly requested Farm Goo game, and many more in future!

Of course the highly requested Goo game will be reworked to a farm version and brought into this ecosystem. If you have not tried Goo out before it is the first Crypto Idle Game dating back to EtherGoo which was my first version in April 2018, since then there has been TronGoo, World War Goo, FragGoo & TronGoo2. Stay tuned for more details on how a gamified farm version will work!

Moonshots Farm Finally BONES is deflationary with a 1% transfer fee, which is burnt to offset low inflation. As mentioned earlier, any unclaimed moonshots that expire (after the 60+30 days unclaimed) become BONES buybacks which can either be distributed as the farm rewards, or additional burn to offset further inflation.

Moonshots Farm Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMoonshots Farm
Short NameBONES
Circulating Supply603,000.00 BONES
Total Supply603,000
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How Does It Work?

Farmers simply deposit their CAKE tokens into Moonshot’s auto-compounding Cake Vault which will grow farmers CAKE tokens over time whilst also using the yield to farm a trending moonshot token (typically selected by community) that changes every other day, so farmers receive just over 180 potential moonshots yearly! Moonshots Farm One of the first ideas like to add to improve Moonshots Farm is more advanced stats and tracking, so you can measure the performance of the moonshot tokens that you farm. These stats will help analyse how well your yields are growing and provide useful insights to help promote the platform!

Cake Vault Info

This farm is an auto-compounding vault which earns CAKE for you over time automatically Half of your CAKE yield goes to farm a trending/new moonshot token, which changes every other day!As well as this, you earn bonus BONES apr weekly (added to your Farmed Moonshots) which means even higher earnings for you. You can unstake from the Cake Vault at any time.

Bringing across the beloved farm game from the old NUTS platform is also a priority. If you have not played before, Farm Fomo is a mash-up of the “no-loss lottery” concept mixed with a classic “Fomo3D” jackpot game which rewards players for buying the last key before the timer runs out, unlocking the jackpot reward! Moonshots Farm hope to add many gamified farm concepts like this to Moonshots in future.

Farmed Moonshots Info

Once deposited, the vault contract automatically handles farming moonshots for you, which are then locked for 60 days to let them grow to their x1000 potential! After the countdown has ended you can withdraw the farmed amount, you have 30 days to claim them (after which they will expire & buyback BONES to add to the bonus farming apr).

The reason moonshots expire if unclaimed for 30 days is because some of the projects will unfortunately go to near $0 so some wont be worth claiming as a single farmer (bsc gas price) but once expired any unclaimed can collectively be swept in a single transaction for more BONES without wasting fees.

Tokenomics Info

BONES are the native token of the Moonshots Farm ecosystem, and can be staked to earn 5% of the yield as BNB from the moonshot farms, such as Cake Vault. BONES also benefits from buybacks from any expired/unclaimed moonshot tokens (we will add stats on this impact in future). The initial supply of bones is solely for the liquidity drive (seeding PancakeSwap with ~100 BNB liquidity) so people can trade.

After launch the old token NUTS will be able to exchange 1:1 for BONES, this will be 10% instant and remaining vests over 60 days.BONES is inflationary to begin with (emits 20k tokens weekly bonus to the Moonshot farmers) but has a hard cap of 6.9m, so rewards will reduce over time and eventually stop. These additional rewards are locked for 60 days alongside the other moonshots farmed.