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What Is Monster Saga (MTS)? Complete Guide Review About Monster Saga.

What Is Monster Saga (MTS)?

Monster Saga the north of the metaverse world, there is a mythical monster arena “Deep-Oasis”. A thousand years ago, “titan-X”, a wandering colonist from an alien civilization, start large-scale mysterious biological experiments and suddenly disappears quietly without carrying anything. Adventurers from all over the world, seeking the magical ore which titan-X left behind – The Rune. By pouring power into Rune, adventurers can summon powerful monster “Saga” with supernatural powers and only fight for its master. People who want power and fortune are flocks to “Deep-Oasis”, summon their own Saga team and fight for it.

Purchase a random rune and spend MTS tokens to summon your Saga. After summoning the Saga, you can choose the enemy to fight with, earn MTS token rewards along with experience points. Monster Saga has two ways to claim token rewards, regular claim and burn claim. Players can flexibly choose whether keep the saga or fully claim the rewards. Welcome to the new P2E Era, where the balanced ecosystem has finally arrived.

Monster Saga Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMonster Saga
Short NameMTS
Circulating Supply80,000,000.00 MTS
Total Supply8,000,000
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Staking Monster Saga, claiming, and compounding – is a tedious, complicated, and expensive process. The good news is that this process is inexistent when you buy $OTO. Once you hold $OTO in your wallet you don’t have to deal with your website, you are automatically receiving rebase benefits. The most user-friendly auto-staking and auto-compounding system in DeFi. Protocol stray away from unrealistic APYs to keep your treasury healthy while still offering competitive returns. How do Protocol tries to issue this many tokens without their price crashing into the endless abyss that is 0? Simple. Protocol introduces a taxation principle. The tax fees are split and used for different actions within the protocol.


Other protocols allow bonds that passively dilute your position and pass it on to bondholders (thereby reducing your market share). Protocol gets its income from taxes, not bonds, and when someone buys or sells. Because APYs fluctuate in different protocols, it’s impossible to predict how many tokens you’ll receive during a given time frame. Protocol pays $OTO holders a daily fixed rate of 0.02355% every 15min, which means an annual compound interest.

Automatic Staking and Automatic Compounding Features

The Auto-staking and Auto-compounding (ASAC) is a simple yet cutting-edge feature that resumes in a Buy-Hold-Earn concept, providing the ultimate ease of use for holders. By simply buying and holding the token in your wallet, you earn rebase rewards directly into your wallet. Your tokens will increase every 15 minutes. Using a Positive Rebasing formula, Monster Saga makes it possible for daily token distribution directly proportional to the daily rebase rewards. The rebase rewards are distributed on each epoch (rebase period) to all holders.

Positive Rebasing

A Rebase Token is one whose circulating supply expands or contracts due to changes in the token price. This increase or decrease in supply works with a mechanism called rebasing. When a rebase occurs, the supply of the token is increased or decreased algorithmically, based on the current price of each token. $OTO takes advantage of a positive rebase formula which increases the token supply allowing holders to keep growing their tokens, like in a traditional staking protocol. However your use of an auto-staking, auto-compounding, rebasing token eliminates the need to approve and traditionally stake your tokens.

With the onset of rebase tokens, it has become possible to payout, huge APY’s, However as they have seen with numerous OHM forks, it is simply not possible to inflate a token supply so quickly without the USD value eventually decreasing. They have to counter this inflation, this is where Monster Saga differs from the competition, this pay slightly less APY in order to have a higher buy-back ratio than any other protocol.

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