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What Is Monster Battle (MBS)? Complete Guide Review About Monster Battle.

What Is Monster Battle (MBS)?

Monster Battle is a Hearthstone-inspired TCG style GameFi project, aiming to provide users with both an exciting game experience (by inheriting the delicate, intricate complexities in Hearthstone’s game mechanics ) and means to monetize their gaming talents and finesse. Apart from Gamefi, they are also dedicated in builiding other key components of technological infrastructure essential in realizing a true metaverse, including DAO and Defi.

Monster NFT market provides an official repurchase channel, which can quickly recycle players’ cards, and the recycling price will be executed according to the average minimum transaction price in the current card market within 72 hours.

Monster Battle Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMonster Battle
Short NameMBS
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

What are Summoner Cards?

Summoner will be your avatar in Monster Battle and it boosts the attributes of monster cards. It also serves as a ticket to future content (including other GameFi titles) developed by both the team and our partners. We will strive to increase the variety and functionality of the summoners as they progress through your roadmap. Monster NFT market can provide card rental services. In the future, C2C rental market will be provided according to the development of monster battle, and players will lease their idle cards to other players.

How to Get Summoner Cards

When players enter the monster battle meta universe for the first time, we will give any one of the five basic summoners. Later, they will hold some special activities for you to buy. The activity summoners will have more powerful power in the game. Monster Battle’s ultimate goal is to become a truly user-owned, user-governed game platform.

Monster Battle will apply the concept of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in the game’s operations and governance, gradually increasing the weight of end users’ votes in various decision-making processes, eventually attaining your goal stated above. Here are some ideas that they came up with as to how to effectively utilize the DAO managed token pool.

What are Monster Cards

Monster Battle is an attendant card in monster battle meta universe. It can participate in various games in monster battle meta universe in different ways. Cards are minted in the form of eggs. It is unbeknownst to anyone, including us, what will emerge out of the eggs. Eggs have a hatching time (waiting time), and the minimum time is 30 mins.

This is to shield players from bot attacks where bettors try to sniff out rare cards by initiating many transactions and only approve those that result in high rarity cards. By having a hatching time of at least 30 mins, the gas fee will be prohibitively expensive for bettors to initiate the above mentioned attack. They will continue to add new cards and even new card types as they progress through your roadmap.

Liquidity Mining

When you stake your LP tokens (MBS-BUSD) or MBS or BUSD, there will be a fee of 1% incurred should you decide to withdraw within a short period of time. Fees on the withdrawal of LP is taken to ensure stability for the Monster Battle platform. 50% of the fees goes to the team wallet whilst the other 50% goes to the buyback pool. All fees taken are put right back into the Monster Battle project, facilitating stability long term.

NFT Market

Monster NFT market is a decentralized NFT exchange. Users can freely buy and sell monster series cards and props in the market. All transactions are based on the blockchain for all digital assets (NFTs) transactions. Monster NFT market transaction charges 5% of the transaction fee, of which 3% will flow into the repurchase pool for MB repurchase.

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