What Is Monnos? (MNS) Complete Guide Review About Monnos.

What Is Monnos? (MNS) Complete Guide Review About Monnos.

What Is Monnos?

Monnos Coin is a social crypto trading platform where crypto users and traders connect themselves and increase their chance of making a profit in this ecosystem. Monnos’ mission is to ‘massify’ crypto adoption bringing the simplicity of use and through the sharing of knowledge and performance. MNS is a token issued by empower his social trade community.

MNS token holders receive benefits such as a discount on trade fees, access to exclusive features, access to monthly bonuses, access to special promo, and higher affiliate rewards. Through the Quick Buy Crypto™ functionality, Monnos users can automatically perform exchange between all the assets regardless of whether or not there is a Pair between them.

Autobusd Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMonnos Coin
Short NameABS
Circulating SupplyNo Circulating Supply
Total Supply2,000,000
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Card with up to 5% Cashback

Monnos Coin Start to use your crypto in your daily basis. Buy all the products and services you love and get up to 5% cashback.

Buy and sell more than 80 cryptocurrencies

They have a big crypto portfolio and they add one new crypto every 15 days, this way you will never miss the opportunity to invest in the best project in the market.

Copy strategies of experienced traders

Monnos Coin with Monnos you can synchronize your wallet with other users strategies and copy automatically everything they do. Trade like a pro without the need of becoming one.

Say hello to the MNS token, Our own cryptocurrency

MNS is a digital asset, just like Bitcoin, however, it is the currency of Monnos. The more MNS you have in your custody, the more benefits you get. In addition, you will also be able to grow with Monnos as the asset is valued, as a result of the development and recognition of the product.

A New Market and Opportunities

Monnos Coin Also, cryptocurrencies appeared perceived as digital assets and ushering in a new class of Crypto Owners, namely individuals specializing in buying and selling crypto assets. This new market operates without any frontiers, thoroughly pulverized and with exponential expansion, and offers possibilities for sporadic gains in scale and frequency.

By understanding the crypto market as complementary to the traditional market and seeking
data to project the size of the opportunity, it is inevitable to look at the figures from the TOP 10
Global Stock Exchanges. This analysis aims only to guide us as to the proportion that crypto-assets can occupy in their ecosystem.

Multi Wallet

Monnos Coin main objective is to facilitate the management and visualization of a diversified digital asset portfolio. So they created a concept where three different types of wallets suit any user’s needs. With these portfolio categorizations, the user can enjoy a complete administration, whether individualized or even consolidated.

Usability x Friction

Analyzing the process of entering new crypto owners, they can detect a set of frictions in the
entire user flow: from registration in the exchange to the storage of the purchased assets.
For each of the steps mentioned, a certain amount of study and immersion is essential for clear

Monnos Coin Overcoming the first obstacles, they realized the pilgrimage of these individuals between exchanges, or even the use of several exchanges at the same time, always pursuing the best rates for each strategy outlined or greater asset diversification.


Exchange Hub Monnos is integrated with numerous exchanges around the world to monitor and automatically compare the best price conditions at the time the user operates a trade. Furthermore, it should be noted that they rely on the exchange liquidity, which enables us at any time to expand trading volumes and the range of digital assets and pairs available for trading.


Monnos Coin With our Openness approach, they will maintain an open channel with the development community, creating a “Community Reward” format where all users who contribute to building and evolution Monnos platform will receive MNS tokens according to each activity and its complexity (to be defined rationally on demand).

Monnos has as its business model the empowerment of crypto and token adopters. They see that the best way to grow is by establishing a relationship of abundance where everyone wins by having some beneficial interaction between the parties.