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What Is Momento (MOMENTO)? Complete Guide Review About Momento.

What Is Momento (MOMENTO)?

Momento is a P2E project that revolves around street football, a sport that most of have played or watched during your childhood and have fond memories of and football is something that a lot of love to play online as well, however, there was no real way to earn through it. Well, they are here to change that! This aim to provide a platform through which people can earn through the NFTs they own, play exciting variations within the game, have fun with their friends and a lot more, all while making a living out of it.

The concept of DEFI, NFT and Play to earn games is not something that a lot people understand so aim to provide an all-in-one solution where it’s easy and interactive for everyone to understand all of these aspects and actually use it and also be able to earn through it in multiple ways. The NFTs will be integrated into the Play to earn (P2E) games and there will be an in-game staking feature that’ll enable people to make passive income through the NFTs that they buy.

Momento a multi-utility token that will be used within the games and for purchasing the NFTs. A portion of the revenue that’s generated would be distributed to the Momento token holders and the NFT holders, thereby generating passive income for holding on to the token and the NFTS and the remaining would be used for further development of the project and regular buyback and burns.

Momento Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMomento
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply740,000,000,000
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The buyback from the buyback wallet is going to happen manually. Momento the burn happens automatically and this reduces the supply over time. The buyback wallet can only be used for buying the tokens which immediately leads to an increase in price and the code has been written in such a way that the ETH as well as the tokens cannot be withdrawn at any point ensuring maximum safety.


Momento a DeFi and NFT platform has announced a partnership with Tomography, a unique project with an expert suite of decentralized tools, services, and products. This partnership between Momento and Photography is aimed to benefit the atomic swap and cross-chain features on Momento.  

Momento is a revolutionary DeFi and NFT project that aims to bring the most iconic moments of the past decade forward through NFTs. The platform offers two types of NFTs, one that depicts some memorable moments in the last decade and the second that portrays the journeys of the most popular and iconic crypto projects. 

Momento has taken the digital art industry a step further by creating an NFT staking mechanism that allows NFT owners to actually earn through their digital assets. Additionally, Momento offers a cross-chain token $MOMENTO that runs on the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain simultaneously.


There are several instances in which collectors do not understand the projects they invest in, leading to issues with illiquidity, wherein holders lose their investment entirely. This is a major issue Momento aims to solve. The platform allows users to earn via the NFTs they hold through royalties and staking in just a few clicks.

The partnership aims to improve the staking process and the project token utility by utilizing Tomography’s atomic swap and cross-channel capabilities of the platform. The Atomic Swap allows cross-chain tokens to use simple 1-to-1 swapping features and access multiple chains, including BSC, ETH, MATIC, and KCC.


Moontography offers an exceptional suite of decentralized tools, services, and products to blockchain and DeFi projects. The project aims to promote the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and DeFi by lowering the barriers that inhibit its growth.

To that extent, the platform offers services such as Atomic Swap, Decentralized Password manager, Trusted Time stamping, Blockchain File Storage, Decentralized Code Storage, Airdropped, and much more. Moontography is powered by a $MTGY token that serves as a utility token and is used to interact with the services offered by the platform. 

Momento Project

Momento is a DEFI+NFT project that aims to solve some of the most important problems that face in the NFT industry right now. They have 2 broad categories of NFTs, One that exhibits some of the most interesting and fascinating moments of the past decade and the other that portrays the journey of some of the most famous cryptocurrency projects out there.

Unlike most NFT projects, Momento does not create NFTs that are only meant for holding but rather meant for earning. There are several instances in which collectors do not understand the projects they invest in, leading to issues with illiquidity, wherein holders lose their investment entirely. This is a major issue aims to solve.

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