Mojo Ethernaal

What Is Mojo Ethernaal(NAAL)? Complete Guide Review About Ethernaal.

What Is Mojo Ethernaal(NAAL)?

Mojo Ethernaal was born from the vision of a decentralized and collective organization for the tattoo industry built to offer news artistical and financial possibilities, a place for the curation of e-art and ultimately to provide accessible tools for each artist to participate in the evolution of the tattoo in a new, digital and eternal form. The tattoo art evolved in centuries within the restrictions of its indisputable bound to the temporal.

Ethernaal allows tattoo artist to convert their flashes into NFTs without technical background, is the fusion of our ancestral art and modern technology meant to provide the next iteration in evolution, the NF2T (Non fungible Tattoo Token). Mojo Ethernaal masterpieces condemned to survive through the ages in the depredating existence of those whom once, proudly carried them.

Mojo Ethernaal Storage Key Points

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Coin NameMojo Ethernaal
Short NameNAAL
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Blockchain Tattoo Art

Mojo Ethernaal brand new way to buy and sell tattoo’s as collectible eternal digital pieces of art, redeemable against their flashes and their corresponding tattoos in the artist studio. Access your artist gallery here. Onboard in the collective as an artist, a studio or an investor. Acquire a voice in governance, a role in ethical censorship, in gallery curation and earn a share of revenue by holding the governance token ($NAAL).

Artists, studios, Mojo Ethernaal onboard you and handle the technical stuff. Get exposure to your favorite artist indexes, to your artistical selection and to NFT decentralized finance via Ethernaal. A dedicated share of Ethernaal revenue and treasury is dedicated to digital art acquisition and curation under the supervision of the DAO token holders.

Tatto Meets Mathematics

The tattoo art has evolved over centuries within the restrictions of its indisputable bind to the temporal Mojo Ethernaal masterpieces condemned only to survive through the ages in the depredating existence of those who once, proudly carried them. Ethernaal also allows creators to select a licensing model for their art so buyer can understand the intellectual property and exploitation rights parameters when purchasing an NFT.

Mojo Ethernaal removes the cast and allows artists to convert their designs into flashes (a flash is a handwritten tattoo draft made on a piece of transparent paper) and their flashes into NFTs without the need for technical background, it is the fusion of an ancestral art and modern technology meant to provide the next iteration in evolution, the NF2T (Non fungible Tattoo Token) and it´s many derivatives.

Ethernaal Collective Organization

Mojo Ethernaal is also a collective owned by the $NAAL holders, it is based on the DAO theory (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), the code, the web user interface, the treasury, everything (a part of the team members) is owned by the Token Holders and the decision-making process is achieved through voting. Mojo Ethernaal council members signs the Ethernaal constitution, the document is NFTized and allocated to the Ethernaal museum where it will be display as long as the member sits.

Mojo Ethernaal the constitution is the text defining the do, don’t and fight for guidelines of Ethernaal. Council Member status is granted by the Guild as a collective decision, to Master-Class token holders, recognized figure of the tattoo world, special contributors to Ethernaal. They are the guardian of Ethernaal constitution, excellence, fairness, independence and artistic ideology.

Ethernaal Service

The DAO is entitled with the formidable responsibility to identify, investigate, acknowledge and recognize the Mastery of the world´s finest Tattoo Artist along with the cultural heritage and ethnic lineage of their Art. Mojo Ethernaal only the process allows the Guild to become a decentralized authority to Mastery and Ethnical Artistic Recognition but also provides the tools to masters to assign Skill-Class tokens to their pupils and the world with the tools for a decentralized certifying tattoo label.