What Is Mobilian Coin (MBN)?

What Is Mobilian Coin (MBN)? Complete Guide Review About Mobilian Coin.

What Is Mobilian Coin (MBN)?

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Mobilian Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMobilian Coin
Short NameMBN
Circulating Supply141,494,300.00 MBN
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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With a considerable increase in smart cities around the world, they believe that there are already several countries ready to embrace the innovation propose. Mobilian Coin vision is to respond to the concerns of the automobile market, particularly concerning autonomous vehicles. Resource and investment in autonomous cars is not an issue for the booming industry, there are already countless reputable automobile brands that are investing massively in this phenomenon. However, there still exist huge gaps in security and technology of autonomous transportation. At Mobilian, they have four main offerings that aim to answer major problems experienced in the market. These problems have been delaying the circulation of autonomous vehicles in cities.

Mobilian Coin offers blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) data storage, a MaaS application, and an open-source research library to top it off. Your vision is mainly to mobilize the development progress on the fast track by offering blockchain-based solutions. That said, the Mobilian ecosystem is solely engineered for the autonomous vehicles industry. From an underlying secured network that supports AI-powered driverless cars to a research library for knowledge sharing, Mobilian instills decentralization and security within its ecosystem.

What is Mobilian?

Mobilian Coin is a blockchain-based network that powers up an ecosystem dedicated to secure autonomous vehicles. Mobilian was established to accelerate and drive the
development of autonomous vehicle innovation. The robust security features Mobilian offers will be adequate to secure vehicle AI controls, data storage, along with other decentralized platforms that will be created on the same network. As data is vital for AI-driven vehicles, a reliable blockchain-based data storage will help guarantee the efficiency of automated cars.

Mobilian encourages decentralization within the autonomous automotive industry. A offer a safe environment where automakers and innovators can practice healthy exchange of knowledge regarding driver less car development. With collaboration and transparency among driver less car manufacturers, AI-driven cars can hit the public roads earlier.

Driverless Transportation Innovation

Currently, there are no legally operating and fully-autonomous vehicles in the world. However, there are already partially-autonomous cars and trucks with different amounts of self-automation, from conventional cars with brake and lane assistance to highly-independent, self-driving prototypes. Driverless technology is becoming increasingly common despite its embryonic phase.

Mobilian Coin It is expected to radically transform the transportation system, considering economic and social matters. The autonomy of autonomous vehicles is discussed in five different layers (levels) from 0 to 5. Level 0 is being defined as found the level where all the major systems are controlled by humans and level 5 when the car is completely capable of self-driving in every situation.

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

Mobilian Coin Before proceeding to the existing concepts, it is necessary to understand one of the most successful technological implementations in the market. Although not directly linked to driver less vehicles, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) promises to be one of the greatest allies of autonomous cars. MaaS is a data-driven and user-centered paradigm that gives consumers the option of how they would like to travel (to and from).