Ico Review: Universal Payment & Reward Ecosystem Ico Review: Universal Payment & Reward Ecosystem

About is the universal payment ecosystem for consumers to spend or transfer fiat and digital currency instantly from their mobile phone to merchants or other users. Mobie is designed to reduce the friction in the payment process and supports cash back programs on purchases.

MobieCoin™ is an integrated reward and payment token that connects all fiat & major cryptocurrencies directly to the global retail marketplace. Mobie intends to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and local currencies enabling an easy and new revolutionary payment standard.

Token Basic Information

Token TypeUtility / Stellar
Token SymbolMBX
Initial Token Price1.54
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Mobie Consumer features

Pay with Your Mobile Phone

Make purchases and payments worldwide using your mobile phone. No need for a bank account or debit card.

Global Checkout & Settlement

Mobie is integrating with over 225,000 physical and online Point-of-Sale (POS) systems at top retailers and merchants worldwide.

Universal Loyalty & Rewards Platform

Streamlines the loyalty and rewards for both consumers and merchants on a single platform.

Send & Receive Money Anywhere

Banked and unbanked users can send receive any major currency via MobieCoin and exchange it into local fiat currency.

Exchange Fiat & Digital Currency in Seconds

Consumer and merchant you can exchange any currency, local fiat or digital instantly with NO FEES.

Mobie merchant features

Payment Gateway & Instant Settlement

Settles transactions in a near-instant, in the merchants local currency. Improves cash-flow by eliminating the need to wait 2-5 days to receive funds.

Mobile Payment Data for Marketing

MobiePay provides proprietary data for Merchants which can be used to market to new and existing customers.

Affiliate Revenue

Affiliate merchants can earn money from purchases made on the mobie ecosystem on users they refer.

Direct Marketing & Promotions

Merchants can create custom promotions and campaigns that precisely target their customers and drive new sales.

No More Chargebacks or Fraud

With MobiePay, retailers avoid credit card disputes and chargeback fraud allowing them to improve margins and provide more competitive pricing.

mobie use cases


Use Mobie in-store at checkout with mobile phone securely and with ease.


Using mobie easily and securely for public transportation and rideshare.

Global Payroll

With Mobie employers can instantly pay employees in any currency directly to their phone.

SMB’s Small and Medium business can use Mobie to payments, rewards, and data to gain a competitive edge.

Gig Economy

Global consumers can get paid directly to their mobile phone.


No need for cards, using mobie will allow for a fast, easy and secure transaction with mobile phone.

Gaming & E-Sports obies Whitelabel, rewards, and data tech will be perfect for gaming partners


Mobies ecosystem will allow for easy purchase for global eCommerce.

Non Profit mechanism will make it easy and secure to give rewards directly to charities.

How Does Memo Work

With some Stellar transactions, you will be required to complete the MEMO Field. The MEMO field needs to contain the MEMO info that is provided by your external Stellar wallet. It is crucial that you do this so that the receiving address has the proper information to allocate the funds to your account. You can find out more information about this process on our website or below under FAQs.

MobieCoin (MBX) is powered by MobieCoin (“MBX”). MBX is Stellar native utility token and will serve as the core collateralization and economic engine that drives spending, payments, settlement and rewards in the MobiePay ecosystem. The information below outlines all important assumptions pertaining to MBX supply & allocations as well as token economics.

MFA Method

If you’ve set up an method that you are unable to access now, please send an email to and include your mobile number used on your account.. (Please also use your email address associated with your account). For security reasons, they will need to embark on a rigorous series of steps to make sure that your account has not been compromised.

How to Send

Email address or Mobile number: You may send MBX to anyone by specifying an email address or mobile number. Funds sent to a non-Mobie user account will be held in a Pending status until the recipient creates a verified account with the associated email address or mobile number.

Stellar wallet address: MBX is a token on the Stellar blockchain. As such, you may send MBX to any public Stellar address once a trustline has been established. Contact for setting up trustlines to send MBX to public addresses.