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What Is Miniflokiada? (MFLOKIADA) Complete Guide Review About Miniflokiada.

What Is Miniflokiada?

Miniflokiada Coin is a new project targeting retail investors who want to get rich quickly. Despite its very recent launch, its market cap is already $5,248,730, up 113.49% in the past 24 hours. It promises to be a great innovation, developed on the premise of every Floki token pumping with an Elon tweet and with Cardano’s stability.

MiniFlokiADA, a new project of BSC that has huge potential and is ready to be introduced to the world. The concept of this project originated from Elon’s Shiba Pup called ‘Floki’ and MiniFlokiADA is ready to surpassed its predecessors with its passive Cardano rewards on an ADA Vault and Top 100 Holders, NFT concept, Play2Earn Minigames concept, and Charity.

Miniflokiada Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMiniflokiada Coin
Circulating Supply159.89B MFLOKIADA
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
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ADA Vault

Miniflokiada is spreading wealth to the community with huge ADA rewards! Huge allocation goes into the ADA Vault, about 10% from total transactions, and 10% between holders wallet.

TOP 100 Loyalty Rewards

MiniFlokiADA also rewards their loyal holders handsomely, by giving special ADA rewards to the TOP 100 Holders.

NFT + Mini Games

Miniflokiada Coin enters the NFT Marketplace and will have an integration to the Minigame (MiniFloki Rush: Treasure Hunt).

Dog Charity

The donation has 2% allocation that will be utilized to support Dogs in needs around the world. Aiming for $10,000 for its monthly charity at the end of each month.

Top 100 Holders

Top 100 Holders ADA Rewards A good project always strive to incentivized their holders and that is exactly what MiniFlokiADA is doing. They reward their Top 100 Holders with a total of 3% additional ADA rewards. With a Top 100 holders leaderboard announce daily at 15:00 UTC.


NFT Concept Miniflokiada has another ace on their sleeves, and one that is developed with great preparation. Their NFT concept has started its initial development and has come up with unique collection to the public. The project will have their own NFT Marketplace and the community gets to purchased their very own NFT.


Play2Earn Minigame Apart from their NFT development, they will also be launching their very own play2earn minigame named MiniFloki Rush. Their minigame will have the NFT collections integration as a character in the game. This is a great channel for the community to have fun and earn money. The minigames is due to launch in a website, ios, and androids platform.


Charity Miniflokiada Coin project aims to raise $10,000 monthly and to donate to several dog charities around the world. They believe with a cause that every great project should always gives back to the community, and this goodwill value is what people are investing in.


ADA Rewards Vault The project’s tokenomics allocates a total of 10% from every buy and sell transaction into ADA Rewards that goes into a reward pool. Every holders get to claim their bits of shares daily and claiming value depends on the $MFLOKIADA quantity that they hold in compare to the total token supply. The more one holds the project’s token, the more ADA rewards they get to claim.

What is MiniFlokiADA token?

Miniflokiada is a token that promises to bring in daily claimable passive income, NFT integration, and loyalty rewards. It also contributes to Dog Charity. MiniFlokiADA allocates 4% of every buy transaction, 6% of every sell transaction, and 10% of every transaction between wallets to the ADA vault.

MiniFlokiADA token price prediction

Currently, the token is worth $0.000005214. Most price predictions revolve around Bitcoin’s average annual growth. For example, it has been predicted that if had 5% of Bitcoin’s average growth per year, its price would reach $0.0000064 in 2022, $0.0000072 in 2023, $0.0000082 in 2024, and $0.0000093 in 2025. Predictions vary depending on the percent of Bitcoin’s growth.