What Is Mines of Dalarnia (DAR)?

What Is Mines of Dalarnia (DAR)? Complete Guide Review About Mines of Dalarnia.

What Is Mines of Dalarnia (DAR)?

Mines of Dalarnia is an action adventure game with procedurally generated levels. Players mine and combine various in-game items, improving their skills and gear in order to unlock the secrets of the MoD universe while searching for rare relics and artifacts. There are different terrains to be explored as well as monsters to conquer in the quest to those rare resources and friends can play together in the Dalarnian world. MoD is a game that is truly owned by users — all the assets in the game are represented as non-fungible tokens and can be exported and traded on open markets.

Mines of Dalarnia The in-game transactions are all recorded on the blockchain to ensure that there is no centralized party that could tamper the game results. MoD issues a native token, DAR, as the governance token as well as the necessary currency for upgrading tools and trade on marketplaces. It’s like the default currency in the Dalarnian world. The main game play is set up around mining, combating as well as collecting resources. Leveraging blockchain technology, assets in the game are issued as non-fungible tokens and can be transferred and traded freely in the in-game marketplace.

Mines of Dalarnia Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMines of Dalarnia
Short NameDAR
Circulating Supply123,200,000.00 DAR
Total Supply800,000,000
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Mines and lands

In the world of Dalarnia, there are abundant resources of different minerals underground waiting to be discovered by brave explorers. The terrain of lands varies and so do the resources. In order to better develop Dalarnia and get the best use of the resources, lands will be sold to ambitious entrepreneurs that are driven both to make the world a more attractive place for new entrants and to make a fortune for themselves.

Mines of Dalarnia At the moment, four types of land have already been discovered by brave explorers of Dalarnia and more remains to be visited. Plots are sorted into four types Terrestrial, Lava, Ice, and Darkness. They are represented with different colors (Terrestrial – purple, Lava – red, Ice – blue, Darkness – green) as players visit the main mining dashboard.

Miners and Landowners

Mines of Dalarnia are focused on improving their equipment by playing the mining game in order to receive resources. Mining options are limited by the miners power level, indicating his progress. During mining they battle monsters and destroy blocks of different qualities in order to find the most precious resources. Each successful action improves their highscore which ultimately decides which rewards they will receive after mining in terms of resources (NFTs) and loot (NFTs). Mining sessions are limited in time. The session will be aborted if the time runs out or the player dies, due to losing all health points. In that case the player’s high score will be reduced by a certain amount, resulting in lesser rewards.

Resources and minerals

Basic minerals are used to perform basic equipment upgrades and can be found in the ‘Free Zone’ available to every Mines of Dalarnia player. There are basic minerals and exotic minerals in the game. For example, scrap, falun copper and iron ore are all
considered basic minerals.

Mines of Dalarnia Other than the basic minerals, there are also exotic minerals that are used to perform advanced equipment and plot upgrades and can only be found in ‘paid’ mines that a player owns, or in plots you have rented from another player. In addition, certain minerals can only be found in specific mine types. For example, petrified neon, prisminium and crystallized plasma are all exotic minerals.

Mining tools and weapons

Noted that there is an upper limit to each player’s tool slot – after that amount has been reached, players need to either trade their item or drop their item or place it on their lands. To start playing the game, players need to purchase the starter pack which includes the basic Mines of Dalarnia and oxygen packs. There are different resources required to upgrade a tool depending on the functionalities and a fixed amount needs to be paid in DAR tokens.

Upgrade your Heat Sink to go on longer runs in Lava mines. Different mine types use different equipment to keep you alive. In Terrestrial mines, the level of your oxygen tank determined how long you could survive on the run. In this Lava mine, your Heat Sink will determine how long you can stay alive.