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What Is Miners Defi (MINERS)? Complete Guide Review About Miners Defi.

What Is Miners Defi (MINERS)?

Miners Defi holders are part of a growing collective working to ensure the future of Bitcoin through decentralisation and sustainability. Your community is at the core of everything they do, being an active member comes with many rewards and the ability to meet amazing people. Never give anyone your Wallet Keys or insert them into any links on the internet. The $MINERS team will never ask you for any of this information. Beware of scammers and anyone that seems suspicious. Always ask in the public chat and wait for a response from an official admin or team member if you are uncertain.

Miners Defi Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMiners Defi
Short NameMINERS
Circulating Supply8.50B MINERS
Total Supply21,000,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Win Raid Rewards

Join your raid group on Telegram to help spread the word about $MINERS and win crypto rewards. Junior hosts voice chats almost every day at 20 CEST, 19 UTC & 1PM EST. Don’t miss out on your chance to ask questions and learn more about Miners. Founder & CEO Junior is the founder of Miners Defi and a long time Crypto Youtube Influencer. He runs two channels, one focused on crypto, entrepreneurship & finance and another focused on German comedy. He also runs his own fashion company Sky Is The Limit (S-I-T-L).

The Future of Bitcoin

They believe in the power that Bitcoin has to change the way the world runs it’s financial systems. Following the ethos of its creator Miners Defi are bringing decentralization back to the Bitcoin Network by building tools that make it easy for anyone to contribute & profit from BTC mining simply by holding $MINERS tokens in their wallet.


Miners Defi miners run on 100% hydropower utilizing the kinetic energy from water flowing to create a vast supply of cheap sustainable energy. Hydropower is one of the most efficient sources of renewable energy on the planet with modern turbines converting as much as 90% of the available energy.

Solar & Wind

Hydropower is far superior to other renewable alternatives. Comparatively speaking it is 40% more effecient than Wind & 70% more effecient than Solar.

Coal & Fossil Fuels

While coal is similar in efficiency to wind it is still 40% less effecient then hydropower. Not to mention the disastorous effects that coal and fossil fuels have on the environment.


Through your partner, Cyberian Mine GmbH we have access to extremely profitable mining conditions in Siberia while ensuring compliance from within a secure European business environment.


Miners Defi only use the most modern and efficient mining equipment available on the market. This ensures that they will have long term profitably even with volatile btc price action and mining difficulty. $MINERS is a BSC token designed to make it super simple to invest in eco-friendly BTC mining without any knowledge or expensive equipment. They have a mining partner, Cyberian, who uses 100% hydroelectric power to mine BTC in Siberia.

Why are people saying this is rug-proof?

Miners Defi liquidity pool has been locked until 2099 so it is impossible for anyone to remove the liquidity. Also your founder, Junior, is fully doxxed and a famous influencer so you can be certain your funds will be safu. Trust Wallet only displays prices for tokens that have 5000+ Holders and go through a lengthy review process. They plan on adding your logo to Trust Wallet as soon as these requirements have been filled.

How do Mining Rewards Work?

Miners Defi has a 4% transaction tax on every trade that goes to a dedicated wallet to mine BTC. All BTC rewards from mining are used to purchase $MINERS tokens which are immediately burned after purchase. This not only increases the price of $MINERS but also decreases the supply. They can’t renounce the contract because your goal is to be listed on mainstream exchanges such as Binance. To do this requires ownership of the contract.

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