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About offers you a wide range of tools to make your project a reality they offer personalized packs and offers according to your needs. Migration of an offerto another is quite possible a control panel that facilitates the management of your services. If you are looking for hosting for your personal website or that of your company, they have the optimal solution for you. Your powerful web hosting services will not only help you achieve your goals, but also put you in a partnership based on trust, with a stable and secure web hosting platform. They are among the easiest to use hosting platforms, and those that offer the most comprehensive range of services on the market. average De-Fi user isn’t sophisticated enough to understand liquidity & navigate all the steps required to deposit, provide liquidity, stake, harvest, withdraw, etc to actually realize gains or have the skills or knowledge to determine what is safe & where the best ROI will come from as they struggle to understand the ever evolving landscape. De-Fi is constantly evolving with new chains emerging with new opportunities. Most users don’t have the time to properly manage a portfolio of yield farming strategies & therefore won’t maximize the return possible.

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Increased Risk and Concentrated Bets

For an Average user, spreading bets across multiple holdings and multiple blockchains becomes extremely time-expensive. This leads to increased risk and concentrated bets vs a broad bet on the sector with diversified exposure. $ECC removes the need for active management by the user by creating an opportunity to diversify holdings in projects focused on obtaining maximized staking/farming yields. Users gain the advantage of wider exposure to the yield farming sector while only needing to own one token. This limits the transaction fees to a single buy & single sell.

Which is the most efficient means of broadening a portfolio’s exposure to the whole sector, including cross-chain opportunities. ECC is a De-Fi 3.0 layer of controlled and managed diversified yield generating protocols, an aggregation of holdings where yield being returned to a singular asset via buybacks from revenue generating assets $ECC holds. Thus they are unable to get exposure to other growing ecosystems like Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos etc.

Token is a multi-chain DEX ecosystem that provides a full suite of integration and development services to projects who integrate into the EmpireDEX ecosystem. They provide an easy-access infrastructure hub for developers and traders via your Bridges, Decentralized Exchange, Farming Infrastructure, Launchpad and EmpireDEX White-Labelling services. takes your platform into the DeFi 3.0 future and affords users the opportunity to earn yield on their crypto assets through staking & farming just by holding a single asset. There is a wealth of opportunity across all these chains to earn high ROI through yield farming, however there are a few major challenges that prevent users from capturing these gains.

How Does It Work?

They addresses these challenges by creating an actively managed & diversified treasury fund of yield generating tokens that also tap into USDC revenue sharing model. The profits from the fund are used to market buy $ECC, thereby returning the fund profits back to $ECC holders. The treasury fund will grow & be supported by 4% tax on all sales. of each sell goes into multi-chain farming to add to the treasury/marketing and buy back $ECC tokens 2% of each sell goes into Auto-LP that automatically creates ECC/BNB LP. Instead of having to hold LPs on each chain, now you can just get $ECC and the Empire Capital Treasury will buy LPs and generate a share of USDC yield from each chain.

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