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What Is Militia Games (MILIT)? Complete Guide Review About Militia Games.

What Is Militia Games (MILIT)?

The Militia Games token on the Binance Smart Chain has impressive features. There is a built in burn to make the supply deflationary. A combination of a liquidity building fee in every transaction and NFT gameplay to increase the liquidity of $MILIT. Lastly, it has a decentralized supply, with many tokens being earned through gameplay. These 3 aspects make $MILIT a powerful community and gaming token. The Militia Games $MILIT token has 3 functions in every transaction; LP reflection, burn, and team/foundation wallet. Rewards and income are also earned in $MILIT.

Militia Games Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMilitia Games
Short NameMILIT
Circulating Supply94,965,807.00 MILIT
Total Supply100,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

BNB Blind Box

There are 8000 BNB blind boxes, each one costs 0.2 BNB and has a 20 box maximum per purchase. The official total supply of Heroes is 16,000, there will be no more for purchase. New Heroes can be produced through synthesis. The total supply of Genesis equipment blind box is 32,000 pieces, and the subsequent equipment will be obtained through the synthesis of game BOSS drop materials. The Heroes in the box have the following rarities:

  • Genesis Blind Box is 5000 random magic boxes that contain 150-1500 $MILIT.
  • Obtain more Hero attributes with the Recast system.

Equipment Synthesis

3 identical equipment can be synthesized into 1 senior equipment, synthesis will consume 50MILIT. Later will update the material synthesis equipment system, the game drops equipment materials, materials can be synthesized for equipment, making the game more interesting.

By participating in this contest, authorship remains with the entrant, but the entrant acknowledges to transfer the copyright of the submitted video to Militia. All participants grant Militia Games, including but not limited to, copy, edit, display, and publish the submissions.

Militia ARMY Responsibilities

Talk and spread $MILIT on all social media like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Telegram, etc. Jointed power and community consensus will make militia games stronger. MILIT is a token on the Binance Smart Chain, with various impressive functions. With the combustion mechanism design, the total circulation of MILIT will be reduced exponentially. In addition, by combining the combustion mechanism, innovative automatic liquidity function and NFT, MILIT liquidity can be rapidly increased.

One of the most important features of Militia Games is that it implements a large-scale decentralization that is rare in other tokens. By mixing these three outstanding features, users can get a powerful token from anyone outside the community. Join popular communities or hot projects communities to spread Militia and answer related questions on a daily basis (at least 10 communities per day), taking screenshots as working proof.

Militia Video Contest

Great thanks for all of you. In response to the needs of community users, we are sponsoring a video contest with $5,000 equivalent in prizes. Militia Games sincerely invites all of you and your friends who are creative with their own unique ideas and full of passion to join in the contest, making and sharing your video about Militia, the 100% community-driven, which brings both FUN and PROFITS.

In addition great prizes, your great work will get chance to be promoted on all Militia channels, such as Youtube, Twitter, Telegram, Medium communities and so on, which will help your brand to be exposure to more than million viewers. Top 3 winners will have a better chance to develop a long-term cooperation with Militia.

Please fill in “Militia Video Contest Application Form” (Submit review) with your personal information and video link. Militia Games In case that you do not fill in the application form, you will be regarded as automatically abandoning the opportunity for joining in the event.

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