What Is MileVerse (MVC)? Complete Guide Review About MileVerse.

What Is MileVerse (MVC)?

What Is MileVerse (MVC)?

MileVerse is a free mobile app service that anybody can integrate and exchange scattered mileage of companies for your points easily to make payment like cash at convenient stores, coffee houses, etc. This is designed to have a five-layer structure as shown below, and each layer contains modules and systems for operating the platform. Service Nodes can also be used to provide a range of other privacy-centric functions if properly incentivised. Primarily, the Service Node network will allow users to transmit and receive data packets anonymously. This private communication is facilitated by each Service Node acting as a relay in a novel Sybil resistant mix net, having similar properties to Tor.

MileVerse Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMileVerse
Short NameMVC
Circulating Supply1.92B MVC
Total Supply3,000,000,000
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The MileVerse platform uses MVC tokens and MVP tokens to use tokens for their intended purpose. Dual tokens ensure price stability, provide fast transaction speed, and build a safe and fast mileage ecosystem. MVP issued from DB and information stored (ERC 20 token was planned, but not suitable for approval and confirmation of transactions such as payment and remittance) Possible to exchange for Mile coin (MVC). KRW 1 per MVP with no limit on the amount of issuance.

Restrictions in applications

According to data from Statistics Korea, while the domestic mileage market is growing at more than 20% every year, consumers have been passive in the use of mileage except few consumers due to a lot of restrictions in applications and use of such mileage and points such as the cases that companies that issue points such as franchisees and coffee houses prevent consumers from using their mileage only inside. MileVerse launched the app service with the idea of solving these problems and making it easy for consumers to use the mileage of various companies that they have and use like cash.

Through this, your goal is to create Verse’s unique mileage economy by creating a mileage ecosystem that can produce mutual cooperation with consumers, corporations and franchisees and establishing a “new paradigm for mileage payment”. They ask for your interest and love while watching the new mileage ecosystem that verse is creating.

Business Model

MileVerse provides a mobile payment platform where consumers can collect scattered mileage and exchange it for MVP points, which can be easily used like cash at various franchisees. Bitcoin came with the promise of privacy, but what has resulted is more traceability than ever. Companies like Chain alysis and Block Seer have taken advantage of Bitcoin’s transparent blockchain architecture to track and follow specific transactions [1]. Loki is built off Monero, a cryptocurrency that has established itself as one of the most secure and private transaction networks to date

Business Process

A mobile platform for easy mileage integration and easy mileage payment. MileVerse provides a payment process that satisfies the convenience of both users and providers by minimizing unnecessary steps in exchange and use of mileage. This makes running a node a costly and often thankless exercise. The introduction of a node reward scheme, called Service Nodes, mitigates this by providing economic incentives for node operators.

Business Strength

A mobile platform that makes customers, companies, and franchisees win-win. MileVerse provides a mileage ecosystem under a virtuous cycle structure that can give customers’ convenience and profits, and benefit businesses and franchisees. However, they recognise that Monero has inherent drawbacks. Monero transactions are orders of magnitude larger than Bitcoin transactions, with significant bandwidth, processing, and disk space requirements. As the network grows, this results in a large burden on Monero node operators and offers no incentive or reward.


MileVerse is continuously working on corporate/franchising partnerships. For any corporation and franchisees which want to make partnerships with Verse, please contact. The demand for privacy in digital communications and transactions is ever increasing. User data is being collected, processed, and traded at unprecedented levels. Everything from a users browsing data and email contents, to credit score and spending habits, are gathered and sold between the worlds largest corporations and state level actors. Loki aims to provide a censorship-resistant suite of tools that will allow users to transact and communicate in private.