What Is Metronome (MET)?

What Is Metronome (MET)? Complete Guide Review About Metronome.

What Is Metronome (MET)?

Metronome Desktop Wallet is available on Mac, Windows and Linux. MET Mobile Wallet is available on iOS and Android. In the event that there are unsold MET at the end of the daily auction, those tokens will be held over and added to the next DSL. For example, if 1,000 MET went unsold, the next DSL would introduce the scheduled 2,880 MET plus the remaining 1,000 MET from the previous day.

Metronome Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMetronome
Short NameMET
Circulating Supply13,835,970.25 MET
Total Supply13,980,544
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Buy Metronome Safely and Securely

MET from the Daily Auction, Autonomous Converter, or from various third party exchanges. Every 60 seconds, the price of MET remaining in the DSL is reduced to 99% of its previous price. After some time, they expect the price of remaining tokens will become low enough for the DSL to sell out. The absolute floor price on any Daily Supply Lots auction is 1 Wei, to prevent the price from hitting zero– which would make setting the following auction’s initial price impossible.

Build the Latest and Greatest Applications

Build out new use cases with MET deployed contracts, or work on building the next contracts and applications. Metronome should receive your MET almost immediately following receipt of your ETH by the Metronome smart contracts, at the price of purchase. MET purchased during the Initial Supply Auction will become transferrable following the close of the Initial Supply Auction.

Engage with the MET Community

Strengthen the community by participating in events, meet-ups and conversations with the MET team. Allowing users to send tokens to multiple addresses with one action. While mass pay is a well-known and used feature on the Bitcoin network, it is lacking on the Ethereum network. Anyone can potentially soak up new supply, simply buying early and therefore paying more. That is how descending price auctions make the process predictable and the reason why MET are using them.

Metronome Miners can potentially front-run a non-miner transaction—but they must also (a) pay more, otherwise their actions have no impact on the auction, and (b) win a block, which is unlikely unless they are extremely large pools.

How will the MET token sale take place?

The Initial Supply Auction serves as the official launch of MET. 8,000,000 MET tokens (10 million, less the 20% one-time author retention) will be made available to the public with a descending price auction. The price per MET will begin at a maximum price of 2 ETH per MET and floor price of 0.0000033 ETH. As time progresses and MET remains available, the auction price will decline linearly until the auction ends or all MET are sold. MET employs DPAs to establish predictable and transparent pricing for the MET being issued by the contract.

How do I participate in MET Initial Supply Auction and Daily Supply Lots?

To participate in MET Initial Supply Auction (and, every day thereafter, the Daily Supply Lots) you will need access to an ERC20-compatible MET wallet where you hold the private keys and sufficient ETH to purchase MET. Do not use wallets provided by exchanges. Be sure to use enough gas when sending your ETH. If you do not use enough gas, your transaction will be rejected and you will have to send your ETH again.

MET can be purchased from cryptocurrency exchanges. Again, make sure that once you purchase your ETH, you transfer it into an ERC20-compatible Ethereum wallet where you hold the private keys. Metronome will be initially issued on Ethereum with Ethereum Classic, Root stock, and Qtum support expected to follow. As the community continues developing MET, it may be compatible with even more blockchains.