What Is Metazillabsc? (MZ) Complete Guide Review About Metazillabsc.

What Is Metazillabsc? (MZ) Complete Guide Review About Metazillabsc.

What Is Metazillabsc?

Metazillabsc Coin aims to disrupt the gaming industry through development in the MetaVerse. As a coin that stealth launched on 29/10/21 with a starting market cap of $500 and reaching $3.1 million in 24 hours they have a strong community behind us. MetaZilla has a 10% tax which is split into 5% LP 5% Marketing.

The total supply is 69 Sextillion. No coins are held by the team. Liquidity is locked, and the team is transparent with the community about every decision made. This coin wouldn’t be where it was without its community so come join us in the telegram and give us your opinions on what you think would work with Meta Zilla.

Metazillabsc Coin With an aggressive marketing approach, the team hopes to take MetaZilla to a whole new level. All money raised from this token will be used for marketing and for development working the gaming industry.

Metazillabsc Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMetazillabsc Coin
Short NameMZ
Circulating SupplyNo Circulating Supply
Total Supply2,000,000
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Born out of the combo of the city-destroying monster, GodZilla, and the realm beyond reality called the Metaverse. MetaZilla is the beast that dwells within the Metaverse, starting from the Binance Smart Chain, and moving through the rest of the Metaverse until he becomes the legend that he is. They wish to reward our most loyal holders with war-loot gained in the conquest of the Metaverse.


Metazillabsc Coin Compete against other holders in a Pokémon-style online p2e game. Collect MetaZilla NFTs in a variety of “blind boxes”, containing characters of differing rarities and element types. NFT Release on the 15th February 12:00pm UTC Don’t miss out and get started today.

The Birth of MetaZilla

The MetaZilla project began its debut on the 29th of October 2021 through stealth launching the $MZ token on the Binance Smart Chain, with a starting marketcap of only 500$ and a total supply of 69,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 $MZ tokens. The token didn’t take long before exploding, in fact it went to a marketcap of 3,200,000$ in under 16 hours and that showed the team just how much demand and hype was being created by the MetaZilla Community!

During the Metazillabsc Coin early days of the MetaZilla project, the team and community had been communicating and working together constantly to envision the future of the MetaZilla project and how it will come to accomplish the goal of conquering the Metaverse, to that end various development and marketing plans had already been made and initiated. Without any haste, the team went on to update the MetaZilla Brand reflecting the vision of both team and community,

MetaZilla’s “Destroy ALL Fudders” Play-to-Earn Game

The first play-to-earn game developed by the MetaZilla team is called “Destroy All Fudders”, it is a “shoot em up” themed arcade game where the objective is to get a high score on the wallet leaderboard shared with other $MZ token holders! In order to be eligible to play the game, you will need to hold a minimum of 5,500,000,000,000,000,000 $MZ tokens in your cryptocurrency wallet, which can be obtained through Pancakeswap, after which you will need to connect your wallet to the website.

Metazillabsc Coin Once connected, the objective is to destroy as much fudders as possible by manoeuvring your MetaZilla and shooting the fudders with MetaZilla’s Beams of Destruction before getting overwhelmed by the endless waves of FUD, to have the game ended and only as ready to give it to the Fudders all over again!


With every transaction, MetaZilla tokenomics increase the integrity of the project, and provide the resources for accelerated and uncapped growth until they moved through and conquered the Metaverse.